The Keepers’ Chronicles Shorts

Here you’ll find all the information about The Keepers’ Chronicles short stories, a collection of shorter tales from The Keepers Chronicles world.

A Glimpse Into Darkness

A Glimpse INto DarknessSet in the U.S.S.R in 1964, this short accompaniment to The Keepers’ Chronicles explores the missing years from book one. Lost without her mate, Serenity Cardea is barely clinging to what little sanity she has left. Every day is a struggle, and the only thing keeping her going is the family she surrounds herself with and her duties as protector of the balance between the races.
Deep in the Russian wilderness, the Wolves are in trouble. They’ve gotten on the wrong side of a group of vampires, and now their village has been burned to the ground. With Serenity’s help, they are forced to flee their home and start again.

A glimpse Into Darkness is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the iBookstore

One response to “The Keepers’ Chronicles Shorts

  1. Sue

    will it be available in old fashioned paper version at some point?

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