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Eight Days a Week by Amber L. Johnson


Eight Days a Week
by Amber L. Johnson
A “manny” should always mind his own business. And he definitely shouldn’t fall in love with his boss.  
Release Date: November 6 , 2014
Genre: Romance / Contemporary
ISBN e-book: 978-1-61213-329-4
Available from: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and TWCS PH




Gwen Stone has secrets she’s not ready to reveal. After a recent promotion at work, she needs a caretaker for her children. She’s frenzied and in a lurch and pretty much ready to hire the first person who comes along. So she does.

Andrew Lyons needs to get out of his sister’s apartment, and a Craigslist posting may be the answer to his prayers. But what he thought was an ad for a room rental turns into a job offer he can’t refuse. Accepting the nanny position could change his life, if only he had a clue how to be a grownup.

A working mother, a shirtless “manny” who looks good in a towel, two children who need more than a babysitter, and hours of kids’ TV can only spell disaster for everyone involved. Because a manny should always mind his own business. And he definitely shouldn’t fall in love with his boss.




Amber is a full-time mom and a full-time wife who is employed full time and writes when she can. She believes in Happily Ever Afters that occur every day—despite the obstacles real life serves up on a regular basis. Or perhaps they’re sweeter simply because of them. She always has two rubber bands on her wrist, a song in her head, and too much creamer in her coffee cup that reads ‘Cocoa,’ because she’s a rebel.If she’s not at her desk, with her boys, or behind the computer, she’s supporting live music with her arms raised above her head and her eyes closed, waiting for the drop.




Praise for Eight Days a Week
“Laugh-out-loud story about a guy who goes to look at a room to rent and discovers it comes with a job – that of live-in nanny to two damaged kids. So Andrew Lyons accidentally becomes the “manny”. Written in his POV, this book chronicles his hilarious escapades as he looks after and grows to love Bree and Brady, and his employer, Gwen. His pranks and spot-on observations about kids’ TV shows had me giggling, but there were a few serious moments worthy of a sniffle as well. The star of the show may be Don, though – you’ll just have to read this book to find out about him! Highly recommended.” 
 – Andrea Goodreads Review

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Opening Weekend Update

I’ve got good news and I’ve got better news.

In the US The Stars Are Falling spent the whole of its opening weekend in the top 100 on Amazon.

The better news is that The Stars Are Falling opened at number 5 and spent its entire first weekend in the top 20 on Amazon UK!

It’s always exciting when a book sits happily in any of the best sellers charts, and I have done many a happy dance with my short stories when they are released, but with The Stars Are Falling it was all that much better. Number 5 is the highest I have ever been in the charts. And after the disaster of a release day (thanks to Amazon for that mess!), to see my baby book so close to the top was fantastic! Top that off with a fantastic release party on the evening and more books sold there than I had hoped, and I had a fantastic weekend last week.

So what can possibly top the opening weekend? Well, I have a second release party at the start of next week, two more signings this month, two signings next month as well as a couple of possible conventions, and a trip to Texas later in the year. And I am booking things in for Christmas and 2015 already! So it promises to be a long ride between now and my next book release, but an enjoyable one!

If you haven’t got The Stars Are Falling yet, here are the links.




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The Stars Are Falling, Blog Tour Stop


It’s Excerpt day on the blog tour today! So it’s time for something a little longer than the Tuesday Teaser posts you’ve been getting for the last couple of weeks.

Here’s a bit from chapter 11.

I got to the railing just in time to see the splash. But when I glanced up, Mark was already being set upon by the gang. Dark as the water was, I couldn’t see if Stacy came back up. Given the blows to her head, I doubted it.

“Ah, hell,” I muttered.

Turning on my heel, I sprinted back to the car. There was a torch in the glove compartment, always was.

“Help Mark,” I shouted when I passed Dale and Alexis.

They went shooting off to assist him, and I continued racing for the car, for the torch.

I had never met Stacy before, but seeing her go over the bridge… I had to check that she’d come up again.

Torch was exactly where it was supposed to be; in the glove box, at the back. One flick to make sure it was working, and I was running back for the bridge.

The gang had dissipated some by the time I got there. With Dale, Mark and Alexis they had fled, only a couple of stragglers staying behind to shout obscenities. I shone the light over the edge frantically, but couldn’t see her. Couldn’t hear anyone gasping for breath in the relative quiet, either. No splashing. Nothing.

On the other side, I leaned as far as I could, shining the torch as far under the bridge as the railings would let me.

There! The light caught something and I swept it back. Up against one of the bridge supports. A face, dark hair. No movements. She was out of the water enough to not drown, but not enough to survive the icy soak.

“I can see her!” I called.

At the sound of my voice she flinched, moved. Eyelids fluttered against the light, but she wasn’t awake enough to swim yet.

There was only one way that came to mind to get her out of the water.

“Dale, can you get the car down there?” I pointed to the piece of park land that ran alongside the bridge.


“Okay, you do that. Mark, you know where she lives?”

He nodded.

“Alexis, get every blanket we’ve got in the car and meet me by that little pier.”

Dale was the one to ask, “What are you doing?”

“These waters are cold, Dale, she stays in there, she’ll die. Either the current will wash her free and she’ll drown, or she’ll die from the cold.”

“So what are you doing?”

I smiled up at him and reached up to place a hand on his cheek. “What do you think I’m doing?”

Before he had chance to say it or talk me out of it, I leapt. Up onto the railings, first. Then down, straight into the water.


As you can see, things are heating up! Or cooling down, as the case may be.

The Stars Are Falling is now out, and available across all the platforms, including B&N, Kobo, Amazon, and the ibookstore (just search for Michelle Birbeck).

And for those of you who are inclined to enter giveaways, there’s one of those happening, too! Where you can win a paperback or an ebook of The Stars Are Falling!

44e8b-2010-12-10_giveaway-01Rafflecopter Giveaway.

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The Stars Are Falling, it’s finally here!

The Stars Are Falling
Michelle Birbeck

“Is saving the one she loves worth killing the whole world?”

Release Date: 3rd July 2014

Genre: Young Adult/Sci-Fi
Published by: The Writers Coffee Shop

Available from: AmazonKoboBarnes and Noble, and TWCS PH

Jenny is content trying to survive university and sneaking glances at her housemate, Dale, in between hours spent watching the night sky. When the first meteor streaks through the night, landing close enough to shake the house, however, everything changes.
What’s left in the crater isn’t a lump of rock from outer space, but something that looks like a man. Soon after, the killing begins. Anyone who gets in their way is disintegrated with an all-consuming light so hot nothing remains.
Hundreds more descend from the heavens, bleaching the night sky, shaking the ground. They want to eliminate all threats to Earth, starting with the biggest one: the human race.
Jenny and Dale know a way to do both: save Earth and stop the human race from being wiped out. They just have to stay alive long enough to convince the falling stars to spare the human race.

Author Bio: 

Michelle has been reading and writing her whole life. Her earliest memory of books was when she was five and decided to try to teach her fish how to read, by putting her Beatrix Potter books in the fish tank with them. Since then her love of books has grown, and now she is writing her own and  looking forward to seeing them on her shelves, though they won’t be going anywhere near the fish tank.

Connect with Michelle Birbeck on: 
Facebook, TwitterWebsite and Goodreads

Giveaway Link: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Video Trailer:



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Teaser Tuesday, The Stars Are Falling

With less than 48 hours until The Stars Are Falling is out, have a final teaser for Sherri Hayes’ Tuesday Teasers.

The Stars Are Falling, by Michelle Birbeck

YA Science Fiction



By the time I’d finished packing it up and turned around, Dale was still standing there, waiting for me. There was an expression on his face, somewhere between fear and something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I didn’t dwell on it. Instead I slung my telescope over my shoulder and trudged up to the house.

He was still stood there when I reached the door.

“You coming?”

Don’t forget to check out some other teasers over on Sherri’s blog.

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Teaser Tuesday

It’s Teaser Tuesday on my friend’s blog today, so I am participating!

Here’s an excerpt from the upcoming The Stars Are Falling.

Title: The Stars Are Falling, by Michelle Birbeck

Genre: Science Fiction (YA)

Linkhttp://www.amazon.com/Stars-Are-Falling (Ebook out July 3rd)


The night sky exploded to life with the absence of light. Stars greedily stole the light from the Earth and gave it back to us with a silvery hint.

As I hugged the ground, quaking in the aftershock, I gazed up in wonder, and one thing caught my eye.

The meteor that I’d witnessed falling may have been the first. But it was far from the last.


Check out more Tuesday Teasers over at: http://sherri-hayes.blogspot.com/2014/06/tuesday-teasers-readshare-excerpts.html

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The Stars Are Falling

With three days to go until the blog tour begins, and just ten until the book comes out, things are, in a word, hectic at my house. I have stock to catalogue, freebies to organise, freebies to finish making, food and caterers to organise, lifts to arrange, hotels to pay for, and a whole list of things on my to do list that make it look like a marathon not the sprint that it is going to be.

So what’s all the fuss about?


The Stars Are Falling

The Stars Are Falling, Young Adult Science Fiction that is fantastic. It’s fast paced, exciting, thought provoking, and is a great read.

And it is out on July 3rd, just in time for the US holiday weekend, and in perfect time for the coming summer here in the UK. (You can click the pic to preorder the paperback or just check out the summary on Amazon UK).

So for the blog tour, I still have a couple of dates open (27th, 29th June, and 6th, 8th July). So if you have some space on your blog, and would be willing to host a guest post, excerpt from the book or just a general promo spot, please contact me on faerie_kitten (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk and I will add you in.

Also, if you can’t host but fancy helping out, please also email me, and I will send you the release day blast HTML file for posting on release day.


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