Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Short, Sweet, and Snappy Review:


Title: Stardust

Author: Neil Gaiman

Genre: fantasy

What I liked: the movie

What I didn’t like: the writing

Recommended Read: Maybe if fantasy is your thing

Rating: 3 stars




Can’t actually find one on Amazon… Not sure why.



Michelle’s Review:


I’m going to start by telling you that I saw the movie before I read the book. And that I read the book because I enjoyed the movie and the books are almost always better. Now I’m going to tell you that it has taken me well over a year to read this book because of one very simple fact: I hate the writing style. And by hate I mean despise.


Before everyone jumps on me to tell me what a wonderful writer Gaiman is, I am not disputing that. I am, however, saying that I don’t like his writing style. Throughout the book I found myself pulled away by tangents that had little to do with the story, and descriptions that went on and on and yet only described one thing. Not to mention the long and complicated sentence structure that at times was just plain confusing.


The story, however, I still love. The characters, the storyline, but not the ending. On that front I much prefer the movie ending, but I am a sucker for a happy ending.


As for it being a recommended read, well that is a big maybe. If fantasy is not your thing and Lord of the Rings bores you to tears, then I wouldn’t read Stardust. If, however, you love nothing more than sitting down to an epic adventure that is described in not one but fifty words, then this is your thing.

For me, I am sticking to the movie on this one.


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