Excerpt; Heart Search: Betrayal, by Carlie MA Cullen

Today on the blog I have an excerpt for a book I recently had a cover reveal for,  for my wonderful friend, Carlie MA Cullen! You can find the rest of the book details below!

Heart Search: Betrayal excerpt


“My spirit guides are saying I must impress upon you the urgency of the situation. Erika can and will be rescued, and her health will be restored, but probably not before the attack comes. They say your first priority is the protection of both of our covens. If you ignore their warning and try to rescue Erika first, she may not have a coven to return to!”

The silence in the room was absolute as each deliberated. Jakki, anticipating questions, concentrated on keeping the link to her guides open. She could physically feel how conflicted Samir was and, in some ways, could understand it. He was Erika’s sire so she was like a daughter to him and the idea of abandoning her, even temporarily, weighed heavy on his heart. His head knew the right course of action, but his emotions fought against it. Jakki moved closer to him and placing a hand either side of his face, forced him to look directly at her.

“I know the struggle you’re experiencing inside, Samir. Please just trust me when I tell you Erika will be okay. Yes, she is weak and alone, but she’s stronger than you give her credit for. They have just brought her something to feed from and, unusually, it’s much more than is normally provided. It will sustain Erika until we can rescue her. I have asked my guides to protect her – they will do so until we can get there,” she said in a soft yet firm voice. Samir stared deep into her eyes and eventually nodded. She removed her hands and stepped back, turning to face them all.

Pavel abruptly moved to the door. “I will be back in a moment,” he said then disappeared through it. He returned in less than a minute. “I have just summoned Joshua. He will be joining us momentarily. In the meantime, I am curious as to why you felt the need to bring us here to talk, Jakki. You mentioned not being overheard, but is there more to it than that?”

“I’m honestly not sure. My guides have never let me down and it was them who told me to bring you here. All they said was it would make sure no one could listen in,” she replied.

Joshua entered the room and heard the last part of Jakki’s explanation, but didn’t pass comment.

“Thank you for coming so quickly, Joshua. There have been some important developments and with your ability to analyse situations quickly and concisely, we would value your input,” Pavel said, then continued to brief him on everything Jakki had told them. When he had finished, Joshua nodded.

“Give me a minute,” he said and began to wander around the room, buried deep in his thoughts. After his eleventh circuit, he stopped in front of them and raised his head. “Okay. First off, let me just say that I’ve known Jakki for quite a few years and in all that time, her predictions have never been wrong. Her abilities have grown even stronger since she became immortal so I trust everything she’s said implicitly.”

Heart Search: Betrayal


One bite started it all . . .

Joshua, Remy, and the twins are settled in their new life. However, life doesn’t always run smoothly. An argument between Becky and her twin causes unforeseen circumstances, an admission by Samir almost costs him his life, and the traitor provides critical information to Liam. But who is it?

As Jakki’s visions begin to focus on the turncoat’s activities, a member of the coven disappears, and others find themselves endangered.

And when Liam’s coven attacks, who will endure?

Fate continues to toy with mortals and immortals alike, and as more hearts descend into darkness, can they overcome the dangers they face and survive?

Betrayal front cover

Carlie M A Cullen Bio

Carlie M A Cullen was born in London. She grew up in Hertfordshire where she first discovered her love of books and writing.

She has always written in some form or another, but started to write novels in 2011. Her first book was published by Myrddin Publishing in 2012. She writes in the Fantasy/Paranormal Romance genres for New Adult and Adult.

Carlie is also a principal editor for Eagle Eye Editors.

Carlie also holds the reins of a writing group called Writebulb. They have published four anthologies so far, two for adults and two for children, all of which raise money for a local hospice.

Carlie currently lives in Essex, UK with her daughter.

Photo of Carlie


Links for Carlie M A Cullen


Website: http://carliemacullen.com

Twitter: @carlie2011c

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CarlieMACullen

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=240655941&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile

Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B009MWVL5A

About.me: http://about.me/CarlieCullen

Wattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/user/CarlieCullen

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6550466.Carlie_M_A_Cullen


Heart Search, book one: Lost: http://smarturl.it/HeartSearch-Lost

Heart Search, book two: Found: http://smarturl.it/HeartSearch-Found




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