Guest Post, Accept This Dandelion by Brooke Williams

Guest post: Why I write and how


Writing has come in and out of my life many times over the years. I started as a young child, cutting pictures from magazines and pasting them to blank paper. I’d then write stories around them and sell them to my parents. A writer in the making!


Once I graduated from college, I no longer had a writing outlet. In school, there were always papers! I went into radio and made a career as an announcer and producer. I wrote dozens of scripts, but they were short and not enough for me. And I had an idea bugging me… So I wrote “Someone Always Loved You.”


A decade passed. Honestly, I gave up on writing. I didn’t think I would ever get anywhere in that world so why try. I had a career in radio and that was enough. Then, in 2009 my first daughter came along. Before anything else, I was now a mom. I said goodbye to my career and stayed home with her. I spent all day every day tending to her every need. And I found I lost some of myself in that.


I wanted to do something from home to earn a little money and to build upon later when I had more time. I thought it only seemed fitting to go with something writing related since I loved it so much. I began to seek out freelance writing jobs…and get them! At first, they were small and low paying and time consuming, but everyone has to start somewhere and it’s usually at the bottom!


My freelance writing career has flourished and I feel like writing has given me something that’s all mine. Though I spend my days caring for two little girls who I love more than anything in the world, I also have something that reminds me who I am at my core.


Freelance writing is a lot of fun and I learn things on a different topic every day because of it. But fiction writing is my true passion. I like to create people and worlds and put them in situations and then get them out of it. It’s great fun!


How I create the stories depends on the story itself. But I never start a novel unless I am so inspired to do so that I simply can’t NOT write it. The story or the characters bother me endlessly until I relent, sit down, and write it out! I draw a lot from my own personal experiences. For example, in “Accept this Dandelion” the main character is in radio, doing a job I did for over a decade. She goes on a local TV show, which I was able to describe pretty well from my short stint in TV news. She doesn’t care about hair, doesn’t wear makeup, and doesn’t pay much attention to clothes. Sounds very familiar as I look into the mirror…


I don’t usually do much research for books, though sometimes I pose questions to readers. In fact, my upcoming romantic comedy “Mamarazzi” includes characters that were ALL named by readers. Character naming is something I struggle with so it made sense to ask someone to make suggestions and do that part for me!


I don’t outline. I just sit and write. What I write one day is different from what I’d write the next day so whenever I’m in the middle of a story, I have to hope I hit the right parts on the right days so it all turns out for the best!


Aspiring authors ask for advice and my best piece is to do what you love because you love it. Not because you succeed in it. I began writing again because I needed something in my life. Writing met that need. I continue it because on the days when I don’t write, I don’t feel as much like me. I am blessed to have made a career out of something I love.

Accept This Dandelion

By Brooke Williams

Release Date: February 4, 2015 from Prism Book Group

Genre: Romance/Comedy


 photo f94130b4-df4a-4a6d-83bc-dc31b0dc4bba_zpsb7a05843.jpg

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Renee Lockhart has her eye on a lofty goal…to fill the open position of morning radio show host at the radio station where she works.  When her co-workers sign her up for a local TV version of “the Bachelor,” Renee goes along with it in order to raise her public profile.  Ben McConnell, the most eligible bachelor in town, insists that Renee be placed on the show, despite her bumbling audition.  Ben gets much more than he expected in Renee.  He gets a girl who doesn’t bow to his every whim…and a girl who opens his eyes to true, unexpected love. When nothing goes right on the local program called “Accept this Dandelion”…hilarity ensues. Imagine your worst possible dates happening…on TV!



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About the Author


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Brooke Williams writes in a sleep-deprived state while her daughters nap. Her romantic comedy is best read in the same state. Brooke has twelve years of radio in her background, both behind the scenes and on the air. She was also a television traffic reporter for a short time despite the fact that she could care less about hair and make-up. Today, Brooke stays at home with her daughters and works as a freelance writer for a variety of companies. When she isn’t working for paying clients, she makes things up, which results in books like “Accept this Dandelion.”  Brooke is also the author of “Wrong Place, Right Time,” “Someone Always Loved You,” and “Beyond the Bars.” And she looks forward to the upcoming released of “Mamarazzi” and “Baby Sheep Gets a Haircut.” Brooke and her husband Sean have been married since 2002 and have two beautiful daughters, Kaelyn (5) and Sadie (nearly 2).


Connect with Brooke:




Praise for Accept this Dandelion

“This book is adorable. I had to sneak away from my desk to read the rest of it once I started. It had my smiling and laughing the whole way through.”

-Sarah, Advanced Reader Copy Review


What could possibly evolve from such a strange attraction? That’s the meat of Accept this Dandelion, purportedly a romance, but in essence so much more. Acceptance is, indeed, at the heart of Accept this Dandelion: acceptance of self, others, and the paths life offers up, whether for good or bad.

-D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, MBR

 photo atd3_zps485e25a5.jpg



Renee leaned way over in her chair, throwing her arm up beside her for dramatic effect. She had the perfect line to close her short ad, but instead of delivering it, she flung one of the flickering candles to the floor with a loud crash.


“Fire!” she screamed as she realized the flame had not extinguished, but rather had transferred itself to the hem of her dress.

Before Renee could stop drop and roll, Ben leapt from his chair and threw himself across the small space separating them. The pressure of his body against her leg put out the fire instantly, but it also toppled her chair over, leaving them in a heap on the concrete.

Renee found herself on her side with Ben’s breath on her cheek. She slowly turned her head, though what she really wanted to do was push him away and run out of the studio as fast as possible.

“That was quite a commercial.” Ben didn’t make a move to rise. “Are you okay?”

Renee wasn’t sure how the dress looked, but there were no burning sensations on her leg. There was a twinge in the pit of her stomach. She nodded. “I’m okay.” She met his eyes and allowed herself a few beats to study him closely. He was handsome. And now, he was even a hero. Though he wouldn’t have had to save her from burning flames had she not set herself on fire.

Ben deftly got to his feet and pulled Renee from her chair as the producer rushed over and the camera operators stood by, panning down to capture Renee’s smoldering dress.

“Hey, Renee,” Ben whispered into her ear, “next time there’s fire between us, I’m not going to put it out.”


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