Texas and Goth Weekend

As many of you may know, I recently attempted two weekends away in a row. It may not sound like much, but when one weekend ends on the Tuesday and the other starts Thursday that same week, and one involves two ten hour flights, it can get a bit much.

My first weekend was the Texas Book Festival. So I woke up at 1 in the morning, unable to sleep through a combination of nerves and excitement. I got in a taxi at 6 in the morning. Checked in. Flew to London, and then ran through Heathrow airport to catch my connecting flight to Austin, Texas. By the time I got to sleep that evening, I had been awake since 1am through until 4am the next day. Tired would be a huge understatement. Exhausted and barely conscious would be about right. However, here are some pictures from the awesome first weekend away!

This is my tiny companion for the weekend having a drink with me on the first flight. 4Breakfast on the first day.

28Lunch on the Friday, and a pic of me in the sun!3415My books all set up at the festival!26A slightly blurry pic of me at my first signing slot. 41

Squigglybug met a very nice State trooper!44 Dinner and drinks! The sauce was spicy, and the drink was limited to two! (It’s a Purple Rita)78My first and second sold out signs of the weekend! And yes, I did bring them home, either to use again or to stick in my scrapbook!

13 10And lastly from Texas, a shot of Squigglybug on her way home with three new friends.53  So that was Texas. Mainly books and fabric shopping and new teddies. I did very little sight seeing, because the festival was both Saturday and Sunday, and I flew home Monday evening. Once I got home, I slept. From 6pm on Tuesday evening all the way through to 8am the next day.

Come Thursday, I got up and prepared to do it all again. Not as many flights (no flights in fact, just a couple of trains), and not as much ‘work’. At least, not as much promoting of the books. The outfits for Goth Weekend are an art form, and getting in to them should be considered work.

thanks to David E Knowels for taking the picture.

This outfit, for example, has a bustle that isn’t shown in the picture, and in order to get into it, there is a process. Underwear on first, leggings and shoes next. Petticoats and skirt after that. Then the bustle, followed by the corset. After that it is hair and make up (though that can be done beforehand), and any jackets and handbags. But you have to remember, once that corset is on, everything you need has to be up off the floor, otherwise bending down to get it can get… interesting.

So Goth Weekend was a whole load of other work, and enough walking that I could barely stand when I got home. The steps you can see in the picture above are 199 in number, and I walked up them 6 times and down them 6 times in two days. Not to mention the other side of the river where there are a whole load more steps.

Safe to say, I had a fantastic time at both events, but now I am enjoying being at home. So have one more pic courtesy of Paul Greathead of my new tattoo.

thanks to Paul Greathead for th photo.



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