Why I’m not dumping ice water on my head.

It seems like everyone I know is being challenged to dump water on their heads and give money to charity. My whole time line is filled with videos ranging from half a bucket of luke warm water with a bit of ice thrown in, to entire bath tubs full of icy liquid. And it has come to that time where someone has nominated me.

Now, I will admit that for a short time it looked like something fun to do, and is absolutely a great way to raise money for charity. And for a short time I thought that maybe I wouldn’t mind being nominated and giving it a go.

A few things have changed since then.

The main one being that I spoke with my husband and he reminded me of one very important fact: I have hypothyroidism. So my metabolism isn’t what it should be. As such, it can take me hours upon hours even after a hot bath to warm up again. I’ve been known to start shaking and go some pretty shades of blue just because I’ve out too early on a cold morning before my tablets have had time to kick in properly. Not many people know that about me, and it isn’t something I advertise; I just get on with things and use the workarounds that I have. However, dumping ice water over my head isn’t going to be a good thing. Of course, I’m not saying I won’t do the challenge. I’m just not doing it by dumping freezing water over my head.

I have a couple of other issues with the challenge that are my own personal preference and opinions. But I will say this; If you want to donate to a charity, go do it. If you don’t have the money to donate, then give your time if you can, or buy something from a charity shop. You don’t have to give money to help a charity. Time is equally as important.


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