Why I have a love/hate relationship with Amazon

Everyone has their reasons for either loving or hating Amazon, and those reasons number in the thousands upon thousands. I only have a couple of reasons on both sides.
The main reason I love them, despite their tendency to run out local bookshops, is because I have no local bookshop. The closest night I have in my home town is WH Smiths, which is and lays has been a glorified newsagents.
Now the decline of real bookshops in my home town is nothing to do with Amazin. That happened long before every house had a computer and the Internet was the new high street. It happened where I live because very few people read, and there was never any need for a real bookshop.
So for that reason, I love Amazon. They deliver to my door, stop it off through my letter box, and give me new releases on time and for cheaper than the 3 hour bus ride or two hours on a train it would take me to get to my other nearest Waterstones.
But on the other hand, I hate Amazon with a passion sometimes.
As an author, I have seen everything on Amazon from them selling my boos when they are not even out (and not just pre-orders, but sending them to people a month before the release date) to their most recent escapades of disputing the copyright on Plaything and delaying the ebook release of The Stars Are falling by almost 27 hours.
I still, over a month after Playthings was as released have no idea why they disputed the copyright. They never told me. All their customer service would tell me s to resubmit it. I did that, and it took three tries for them to get the message that I wore the book, therefore I owned it.
And as for why they delayed the release for The Stars Are Falling, causing me to flounder just as my online release party was starting and people were clamouring for the kindle copy, I have no idea.
For some reason they took it upon themselves to screw it up.
In essence they remind me of a child. They are either ahead of everything because they are too excited to sit down, shut up, and wait. Or they are throwing a tantrum and annoying everyone within hearing distance.
Unfortunately, for us authors especially, there is little option but to publish with Amazon. Kindle and ebook are synonymous, and will be for a while.
Feel free to share your thoughts!


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