Opening Weekend Update

I’ve got good news and I’ve got better news.

In the US The Stars Are Falling spent the whole of its opening weekend in the top 100 on Amazon.

The better news is that The Stars Are Falling opened at number 5 and spent its entire first weekend in the top 20 on Amazon UK!

It’s always exciting when a book sits happily in any of the best sellers charts, and I have done many a happy dance with my short stories when they are released, but with The Stars Are Falling it was all that much better. Number 5 is the highest I have ever been in the charts. And after the disaster of a release day (thanks to Amazon for that mess!), to see my baby book so close to the top was fantastic! Top that off with a fantastic release party on the evening and more books sold there than I had hoped, and I had a fantastic weekend last week.

So what can possibly top the opening weekend? Well, I have a second release party at the start of next week, two more signings this month, two signings next month as well as a couple of possible conventions, and a trip to Texas later in the year. And I am booking things in for Christmas and 2015 already! So it promises to be a long ride between now and my next book release, but an enjoyable one!

If you haven’t got The Stars Are Falling yet, here are the links.


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