Long week, 1 down, most of one to go.

As the title says, it’s been a long week for me. I’m not at home, not until Friday coming. I’m not even that far away from home. If I left the house now and I took a slow walk, I could be home and in my own bed within the next 40 minutes. And that’s at a slow walk.

So why has it been the longest week of my life? Most likely because since I got married almost 13 years ago, this is the longest I have ever spent away from my home and away from my husband. Sure, I saw him on Monday, and again on Wednesday, but that was almost five days away.

Most people I know would give anything to have almost two weeks away from home, complete with peace and quiet, superfast internet, and an alcohol cabinet to rival any bar. But me… I was looking forward to the peace and the quiet and most especially the bottle of Baileys that was in that cabinet for me. But that excitement was six nights on a too-hard mattress ago. With five to go.

Not that this week has been all about worrying over my husband and missing him. I’ve taken up running a little more seriously than I had when I started two weeks ago. I’m currently up to one kilometre a day with only three or four stops along the way. I’ve also finally managed to break in my new shoes, and get over my weird thing about hating walking home from things. I’ve had time to think, time to work, and been able to sing at the top of my out of tune lungs without being told to shut up.

However, even though I’ve not had to take care of anyone but myself (my husband is disabled, but don’t worry, I didn’t leave him completely alone for two weeks), I want to go home. I want my own bed with my own squeaky bed frame and worn in mattress. I want my TV with my TV shows on, and my internet, and my garden that I can actually work in without fear of pulling out something important.

So as much as almost two weeks of housesitting for the parents-in-law has had its perks, it hasn’t been the writing haven I was hoping for, and I am more than looking forward to getting back home on Friday, even if there will be a hundred things that need doing.


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