Armchair BEA 2014: Expanding Blogger Horizons and Short Stories

Expanding Blogger Horizons


In which Armchair BEA is pretty much my entire expanding horizons plan! I’m not big on advertising and these fancy affiliate things where people can click through to Amazon and I get money for it. I’m more a let things plod along at a nice pace and see where it goes.


But for those who want to expand on what they’re doing, there are options. Advertising on sites, joining NetGallery (Where my new book The Stars Are Falling is currently), offering incentives, and contacting authors. The list is pretty much endless, and doing everything on it will most likely take over your entire life.


Short Stories and Novellas.


I’m pretty much going to ignore the Novellas part because I’ve never written one, and rarely read them.


But short stories is something I know a lot about! I love them. This whole blog began because I wanted somewhere to review short stories, as most bloggers seem to exclude them. I have no idea why, because if you’re ever stuck for something to read or have very little time or want to fill your blog whilst you’re away, short stories are awesome. Quick, easy to read. Quick and easy to write. Cost very little in comparison to some novels. What’s not to love about them?


For me, the cost of my short stories depends on the length. If they’re under a few thousand words, then they’re free. If they’re over that, then they’re $.99. I would much rather charge a low price for a short story than a high one.


Another advantage of short stories for authors is that they are a great, cheap introduction to your work. A small investment for a new reader to see if they like your style, your stories, and you in general.


All in all, I love short stories. And speaking of short stories, here, have a free one! It’s called The Perfect Gift, and it has literally just gone up on Smashwords.

tpg cover



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7 responses to “Armchair BEA 2014: Expanding Blogger Horizons and Short Stories

  1. I must admit that I am not one for short stories or novellas. I usually end up feeling that I am missing part of the story. I guess it’s greediness. I always want more.

    You make some good points for reading them though. I started reading a novella this week because I was short on time with ABEA and all. It makes me feel like I am still making reading progress.

    Thanks for the free book!

  2. Since I review as a librarian, I don’t like to make money on my blog. The networking with other teachers and librarians is what I like best, and gives me a lot of good ideas about new books, and about movements like #weneedddiversebooks. An author blog would be harder, I think.

  3. I’m basically just plodding along on my blog, too. Thanks for the short story! I bookmarked this page to come back and read if after ArmchairBEA is over.

  4. readerbuzz

    I’m not a fan of trying to make money on my blog either. I can’t really say why. Just not.

    Hope you are having a great time here at Armchair BEA!

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