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I was invited to take part in the Writing Process Blog Tour, where I get to talk about my writing process. I then get to tag three authors to do the same! Unfortunately with my birthday and everything else, I forgot that today was Monday, so I only have one author. But if you are reading this and want to take part, please feel free!


Thanks to Sydney Logan for tagging me. Here’s a bit about her:


Sydney Logan is an Amazon bestselling author who may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with music (seriously, she loves everything from Eminem to Johnny Cash). She also has an amazing husband and a ridiculously spoiled cat, both of whom join her in soaking up the stunning views from their East Tennessee front porch.


Find her on Amazon, iTunes, B&N, and TWCS Publishing House or at her website.


What am I working on?


My main projects at the moment are my imminent releases: The Stars Are Falling, Playthings, and The Perfect Gift. They are all written, all edited, and mostly formatted, but there are some final touches that need adding before everything is final. The Stars Are Falling is with my publisher, all shiny and ready to be printed, and I’ve already seen the very pretty ARCs. Playthings has been coming for a long time now, so I am excited to get that underway and formatted and actually in print. And The Perfect Gift is actually going to be a free ebook short horror story. It’s been a while since I released one of those, and as the anthology I wrote The Perfect Gift for ran into some complications, I decided to set it free into the world.


How does my work differ from others of its genre?


If there’s one thing I enjoy about writing, it’s taking the rules and throwing them out of the window. Horror stories are generally dark and set in dingy locations, so I like to set them in the middle of summer in a bright and happy place. And with my paranormal works, playing with the mythology and making it my own is half the joy of writing it. Rules were made for breaking, and my favourite part of creative writing is having the freedom to break any and all rules; providing there’s a reason for it, of course.


Why do I write what I do?


Because if I don’t the voices in my head won’t leave me alone. In all seriousness, when an idea gets stuck in my head it will not go away unless I write it. So when those ideas get in there, I sit down, write them out, and see where they go. I also have a thing for creating characters and then breaking them, pushing them as far as they can go and then throwing them off the edge. I love to explore how people would react in difficult situations, what their limits are, and just how far they can be pushed before they themselves become what most people would consider a monster.


How does my writing process work?


That depends on what I am writing and what my deadline is. If I don’t have a deadline, then it is a long, slow process that spans a good half year or more. There’s writing, rewriting, editing, and then editing again. But if I have a deadline, whether it’s self-imposed or not, then there is planning involved. It’s actually the only time I do any planning. I will normally begin with an image in my head, of somewhere in the middle of the book, and then write my way to that image, and write my way out of it. But with deadlines, and especially with The Stars Are Falling, I need to know where I am and ensure I haven’t missed anything.

The Stars Are Falling was written in 10 days. That’s a lot of writing every single day. So in order to make sure I got in all the relevant plot points in, I wrote a plan so detailed it might as well have been the actual story!

But when I’m not working towards a deadline, I like to let the story take me wherever it wants to go.


Next on tour:


Bonnie Ferrante

Hi, I’m Bonnie Ferrante, a hybrid author, mostly writing YA and picture books. I was a grade school teacher for thrity-three years, ten as a teacher librarian. I am a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist lay leader.


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