Review Hiatus and Newsletters

Hello one and all.

Two orders of business today, the first being that I am taking a hiatus from reviewing short stories, and long stories, and books in general. The reason is simple: I am way behind on my deadlines.

In the next six weeks I have a book to finish writing, edit, and get ready for publication. I have a pantomime for radio to write. I have my friend moving over from Germany. And I am exhausted.

So what I need to do it sit down, pull a finger or two out, and get cracking. Which generally isn’t a problem, but combine it with all the tiny things like cooking dinner and cleaning the house, and suddenly I have no time left. Which ultimately means there won’t be any reviews until November.

If you’ve emailed me about a review, I will be contacting everyone and arranging things.

And lastly, newsletter! I now have a monthly newsletter that goes out at the end of every month. And in it you can fin details of upcoming appearances, cover reveals, short story teasers, and all kinds of fun things. So see that box on the right that says newsletter sign up? There you go! Pop in your details and away you go!


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