Writing Tips – Indie Block party

Today we are talking hindsight. The things we wish we knew before we began. There’s really only one thing that I can think of, and it’s not really a before I started writing type of thing.


Editing. I learned so much through my first round of editing, that I wish I had done it before I submitted anything to any publisher. So what I would recommend is if you have the money, speak to an editor. Get someone to look over your work and give it a professional edit.


Not just a read through from a friend to tell you what they think. Or even a proofread for grammar and spelling. A full, in depth look at everything. Context, wording, character, plot… anything and everything. Because once you’ve had a professional edit, and seen those little things that everyone learns the first time around, you will be better set for future works.


And on the plus side, you’ll have an edited manuscript that is in even better shape for submitting to publishers!



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4 responses to “Writing Tips – Indie Block party

  1. Ah so you’re advocating not just buying the fish but learning to be the fisherman as well? Its not just the reviewed manuscript its what you learn from the first major edit by an expert editor.

    Got it, good idea!

  2. This is so true. I was amazed by how much I learned in the first substantive edit and found myself wishing I’d had a better handle on the technical aspects before submitting. Hindsight…

  3. Editing is my favorite part of the writing process. My best writing feels like an accident. My best editing is intentional. I think the key to working well with an editor is understanding the relationship and exactly what person expects out of it.

  4. burnsmillie

    Editing is key, isn’t it. It was nice to meet you this bloghop!

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