Social Media and Networking Tips – Indie Block Party

This is the last post for the Indie Block party! Social Media and Networking Tips. There are so many things that you need to be doing when it comes to marketing, too much really to give you in one blog post. The biggest thing you need to know is this: start now.
Whether you’re an author who’s been published three times, or someone who’s just written the first line of their first book, start now. Get a twitter, get a facebook page, and get your name out there. It is never too early to start promoting yourself as an author.


You can share snippets, adventures, pictures, inspiration, daft stories, or anything else that takes your fancy. The important thing is getting people to remember your name. That way, when your first or next book comes out, people will look and go, I know who that is!


Don’t be an ass, however. If you post nothing but buy links on your twitter, people will unfollow you. Of course, being outspoken and being an ass are two different things. You can have a strong opinion about anything, so long as you remember to respect that everyone else also has an opinion and they may not share yours.


Networking. Don’t be afraid to get it wrong. Go to an event where you sell nothing at all. Turn up somewhere that might be interested, and if they’re not, spend the day anyway.


I’ve been to a number of events now where I’ve sold maybe 1 book. But at each one, I’ve come away with names and numbers of other people who might want me. When contacting people, if you can say, so-and-so said to contact you, it gets you a foot in the door. You’ve been recommended to them, and that helps. From agents to publishers to libraries and festivals. Having a foot in the door is a great thing. And the way to do that is to talk to people, go to events, and see what other people are doing.


And lastly, before I make your head explode with all the information, be seen. Not as in have your name everywhere and being there, but be seen as in BE SEEN.


I can’t tell you then number of times I have seen pictures of events and everyone has all their books flat on the table in piles. Get a flat pack stand. Get a big poster to stand behind you. Get a banner with your name and website across it. Get a table cloth with your own details on. Yes, they cost money, but most of them only cost money once.


Build a display, something that will draw the eye and stand out from the crowd. If you stand out, people are more likely to see you.



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2 responses to “Social Media and Networking Tips – Indie Block Party

  1. Some very good advice. I just went to my first event but it was more to be at something, but it was so great to meet some like minded folks.

    I can’t wait until I’ve got the book ready for serious sales, I’ll have to remember to Be Seen like you’ve said.

  2. burnsmillie

    I like the idea of making yourself stand out. Putting things where people can see. Very good idea.

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