What am I currently reading? – Indie Block Party

Well, the short answer to that is nothing. Which doesn’t really sound right as an author, but the truth is, I’m not reading anything new at the moment. I get months like this, where the only thing I want to read is something where I know what’s happening. It’s generally when I’m busy or stressed, and I’ve got a lot of both at the moment.


I seem to get into this funk, where my mind gets bored with new things in about half a second. So it doesn’t matter how good a book is, if I’m in a funk then I’m not going to enjoy it. However, I am currently rereading some of my favourites. It’s one of the reasons I keep the books I buy, so I can reread them when I want to.


Of course, the other thing I have when it comes to new books, is it has to be something I want to read. If someone tells me that this book or that book is fantastic and I have to read it because I will enjoy it sooooo much… then you can count on me not reading it. Best way to put me off anything; tell me over and over again how much I’ll enjoy it. For me that inflates what I expect from the book, and rarely do these things live up to expectation.


So at the moment, I am not reading anything new outside of the blog, but I am rereading some of the books I love.



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4 responses to “What am I currently reading? – Indie Block Party

  1. I like rereading things too, I think it’s really important in the learning process and I can completely understand getting bored with new things especially when people put pressure on you to read them.

  2. burnsmillie

    I loved the Chronicles of Narnia : )

  3. Rereading is reading. Care to share the rereads? 🙂

    • I am rereading some of my Richard Laymon books, a couple of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter books, and I’ve always got a Black Dagger Brotherhood on the go, and I am very tempted to reread the Chronicles of Narnia again!

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