Interview a Character – Indie Block Party

Oh, who to interrogate, I mean interview! Normally, I interview Serenity, star of The Keepers’ Chronicles, but today I fancy a bit of a change up for the Indie Block Party. And who should be in the forefront of my mind today but Lizzy.


She’s a big part of The Keepers’ Chronicles, and is related to Serenity. She’s her great-great-niece, with about another fifty greats on there.


Me: Lizzy, what was your life like growing up?

Lizzy: You should know, you wrote it!

Me: *sighs* Please?

Lizzy: Oh, ok. Strange about describes it. Maybe exciting. All the places we lived and all the things I saw! But at the same time, strange because I was so young and didn’t really know what all these dreams were about. And then there was Aunt Sere. She wasn’t always happy. Actually, she was never happy, but that changed when I was, what, nineteen?

Me: Yep, you were just starting university. So at that point, where we first see you, what were you hoping for in your future?

Lizzy: I don’t really know. I… this is a strange feeling for me. I was so caught up in Aunt Sere’s future that I never really thought about my own back then. I just had this image in my head of Ray, Aunt Sere’s husband, and him coming back to her, and everything else sort of disappeared.

Me: And would that be how you describe your personality? Caring for others?

Lizzy: *laughs* Not really. Don’t get me wrong, I care a lot for my friends and family, but that’s not who I am. I would say I’m happy, and sometimes I might seem ditzy, but when I need to I can be really focused. And determined.

Me: You’re telling me! Out of everyone involved with The Keepers’ Chronicles, you were the first to demand her own book. So tell me, what do you look like?

Lizzy: *stares* *rolls eyes* I look how I’ve always looked. Short, dark red hair, eyes not quite as green as Aunt Sere’s, and completely fabulous!

Me: Which would be our greatest talent, being fabulous!

Lizzy: No, that would be my sight. Though some days you make me feel as though seeing the past and future is a curse. And would it have killed you to give me the whole trilogy and see the present, too?

Me: No, but it might have killed you.

Lizzy: Nah. I’m immortal, remember?

Me: True. Which means you must have loads of friends, or just a few?

Lizzy: A few. A very true few. Callie will always be like my sister, the one you never gave me. Martin will always be my best friend as well as my husband. James isn’t bad as a friend, but he’s a witch, so it’s hard to peg him down. Aunt Sere, of course. Leola might be my best friend, but she’d just as soon chat as take my head off. And Poppy. Can’t help but be friends with Poppy.

Me: She is a great friend to have. So you really love Martin, then?

Lizzy: *sighs* Yeah, I really do. He’s everything I never knew I wanted when I first met him. And everything I knew I was someday going to meet. *Smiles brightly* Of course, sometimes I do want to strangle him, and my daughters. They are just like their father some days.

Me: Well, you will mix Keeper and Werecats DNA. That was bound to cause trouble! So tell me, what do you hate and why?

Lizzy: You. Mostly.

Me: Why me?

Lizzy: You know why.

Me: Yes, I do, but we can’t talk about that now, not for another year.

Lizzy: then we best move onto another question.

Me: What prank or crime would you most likely pull/commit?

Lizzy: *Laughs* You mean the ones I haven’t committed, right? ‘Cause, you know, I’ve done the whole breaking and entering, speeding, killing, lying to the police… what else is there?

Me: True, I should have picked a different question. Ok, how about this, what are you three most prized possessions?

Lizzy: The records, my wedding ring, and the vase my daughters gave me for my anniversary.

Me: Wow, quick and straight to the point!

Lizzy: It was an easy question.

Me: *smiles* All right then, how about this as a last one: What is your first memory?

Lizzy: Now that’s just mean!

Me: I know.

Lizzy: You really expect me to answer this?

Me: *shrugs* You wanted a harder question.

Lizzy: *frustrated sigh* I suppose I did. Right, first memory. This is a hard one. Not because I don’t know the answer, but because I’m not sure which answer to give.

Me: All of them?

Lizzy: Okay then. Right, first memory. The first memory of the world I have is from about three and a half thousand years before I was born. It was of Aunt Sere and her mother. I don’t even know why I saw it, but they were sitting and talking in the sun at the top of a mountain. Aunt Sere was cold, and her mum wrapped her up in her cloak.

My first memory of my dreams was of Ray. I saw his face before I knew what he looked like, and I saw him standing in a doorway with a look of awe and amusement on his face. That was the day Aunt Sere and Ray found each other again.

But my first memory of my life was of my mum crying. She didn’t know I was there, but she was looking at a picture of my dad. We were packing to move again, and she just sat there on the floor looking at this picture. I remember being sad because I never knew him.

Me: Wow, when you give everything, you really give everything.

Lizzy: Ask and you shall receive. Most of the time.

Me: Well, thank you for stopping by. You’ve probably got stuff to do, so I shall let you have at it.

Lizzy: You’re welcome. Next time, by the way, a little more notice?

Me: I’ll try!

And that was a short interview! I can go on for hours when it comes to talking to my characters. I know so much about them, their lives, and a surprising amount never makes it into the books, but it all counts, and all adds to back stories and characters.




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8 responses to “Interview a Character – Indie Block Party

  1. burnsmillie

    That was a fun interview to read!

  2. Interesting, why the change up though (in interviewing Lizzy rather than Serenity. Or Aunt Sere.

    What is it like keeping the family trees of these long lived people? I got to cheat a bit, given the way procreation happens in my series I don’t have descendants necessarily to keep track of.

    • I’ve interviewed Serenity a number of times, and when I sat down to write the interview, Lizzy was the one at the front of my mind, so I thought, why not!
      they’re really good at keeping their family trees. They just keep adding to them and adding to them. They have so many books with family information in!

  3. I wonder why she can’t see the present, (I mean nobody can see it anyway) but how does she moves around if she doesn’t see the present.
    Is she blind?

    • She can see what’s going on around her, but with regards to her ability, she can only see the past or future, not things that are happening else where in the world at the present time 🙂

  4. Great interview! You sure don’t go easy on your characters.

  5. Reblogged this on Library of Erana and commented:
    Another character interview from a fellow block party attendee.

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