Introduce Yourself – Indie Block Party

IMG_0749Today is the start of the Indie Block party, and is all about introducing ourselves. Who we are, why we write, and why we write what we write. Which is a lot of writes in one sentence!


These are questions I get asked often at book talks and signings, and since the answer of “I like to kill people,” isn’t socially acceptable, I have to make something up. Of course, by kill people, I do mean fictional ones (it’s always best to clarify that point).


So who am I and why do I like to kill people, I mean write what I write.


Firstly, I have two genres: horror (hence the killing), and paranormal.


These are my staples, the genres I come back to time and time again. I love things that go bump in the night and the things that bump right back. I enjoy the dark, and I enjoy changing things up. If horror is supposed to be set on a dark stormy night where the shutters clap against the windows and the trees creak in protest, then I’ll set it in the middle of summer. Brightly lit afternoons with the sun steaming through the windows and not a cloud in the sky. Why? Because that’s when you least expect horror.


Everyone checks the dark for monsters, but few think to check the daylight. I enjoy taking people’s expectations and twisting them about.


As for paranormal, I just love things that can’t die! Creatures that roam the world for centuries and millennia. Beings that are sitting just out of sight, waiting to pounce. And there is so much freedom with both these genres! The creatures can be anything from the traditional to the new. Horror can be monsters and magic, paranormal, or human. The possibilities are endless, and that excites me.


So now that I’ve geeked out about what I write and why, how about this here blog? It started as a sort story review blog, and is currently a short story review blog and my writing blog. I like to have everything in one place, otherwise I will end up forgetting what I’m doing and neglecting something. I post short story reviews when I can and when I remember, as well as guest posts from other authors, and random things about my writing.


But when I’m not writing or reading or chaining myself to the computer for one deadline or another, I make things. Dresses, mainly. I enjoy sewing, and although I don’t get to do it as often as I once did, I do make the occasional dress, corset, or costume. Which I then wear to random parties where dressing up is required!


So that’s me in a nutshell, a little bit crazy, a little bit nuts, and a lot insane.




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10 responses to “Introduce Yourself – Indie Block Party

  1. Nice to meet you! I love killing people too, especially now because I’m a vampire… I mean my main character is a vampire.
    I like your idea of hiding the dark and horror in the middle of light. We are never hidden better than in the middle of a crowd after all.

  2. Nice to meet you neighbor! I love that you love killing people…I mean, what author doesn’t? Nice to meet you!

  3. I like your original description, who care about socially acceptable. You must have quite the character sacrificial.

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