Holidays and Awards

Today marks the start of the week, and the start of me week off. Which means I will be missing my first blog anniversary. However, due to the work load I’ve had of late, I haven’t had chance to plan anything, so you’re not missing much!

So where am I jetting off to this time? The short answer is nowhere, yet. The long answer goes something like this: tomorrow I’m going to the gym and to pick up my husband’s meds. Then I’m going to write a little. And on Wednesday I am off to the gym again, followed by last minute shopping, and panic packing. Then Thursday I am off down to York, which is where The Stars Are Falling is set. I’m not  there for the Stars book, which is a shame, but I am there for a crazy convention type thing.

I’ll be back on Monday, where I will hop off a train, into a taxi, out of said taxi, dump my case, grab my husband, jump back in the taxi, and go to the parents for dinner. Which basically means, I’ll be back on the net on Tuesday. At which point, I am hoping to have some more short story reviews for you, as I do have two requests outstanding.

In other news, the Blogger Book Fair was fantastic, however, next year, I’ll be blocking out the whole week in my diary. Business meetings, family visits, the gym, drumming, and an ill husband really took it out of me this year. Live and learn, though, so next year I will be more prepared!

I’d also like to say a huge THANK YOU! to everyone who voted in the Blogger Book Fair Reader’s Choice Awards.

A Glimpse Into Darkness came FIRST! That makes it my first ever award for original fiction writing!



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2 responses to “Holidays and Awards

  1. Nice ~ I didn’t know you had a blog. You probably did tell me….

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