Nathan Squiers: The Literary Dark Emperor

“I don’t write horror because I’m not afraid of anything; I write horror because I know EXACTLY what I’m afraid of and I was raised to share.”



I was raised on a steady diet of horror in some form or another. Between a morbid obsession with the… well, morbid, and an insatiable need to read everything I could get my hands on (especially anything with a nightmare-inducing cover), I was never far from something scary. Though I didn’t fully understand what I was reading at the time, I used to sneak into my mom’s books and make off with the likes of Stephen King. Early on, I got into the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine and, living just down the street from a massive cemetery that the school bus dropped me off in front of, it wasn’t uncommon to catch me sitting against a tomb stone and flipping through the pages. In hindsight this was a rather twisted scene for any who might have seen, but, for me at that time, it was just a quiet place that was outside that I could enjoy a book.

When I was a teenager I got really into horror movies, and for a while I aspired to be a filmmaker (though I never stopped writing scripts, so I don’t feel I truly left that dream as much as I simply expanded into other forms of writing). At that time, if I wasn’t at school or reading, I was binging on horror movie marathons (which, though keeping me indoors, DID turn my living room into a rather terrifying place to be   lol).

More recently, however (within the past year-or-so; since I first published), I’ve attended a few conventions as a vendor and/or guest. Many of these were paranormal-themed, and a lot of the guests were ghost-hunters, paranormal celebrities, or specialists in the field. On one of these occasions (at paranormal convention in Indianapolis) I had the honor of meeting, assisting, and gifting a copy of my book, “Curtain Call: A Death Metal Novel” (soon to be re-released from Tiger Dynasty Publishing), to the fantastic Aaron Houdini (the performing descendant of Harry Houdini). Getting to know somebody of that sort of standing in the paranormal community was a pretty gnarly experience for me.

All in all, however, I’d say the scariest place I’ve written would be in my own head. After all is said and done, that is the source of all the gnarliness 😉


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