The Dark Lady by Dawn Chandler

dawn signingI have been writing since I was in middle school, but just recently thought about getting published. It has mostly been at the not so subtle urging from my husband. I am happy to say that I have gotten published and my first novel is available. It has changed me in ways that I had not expected. I have always been a shy and quiet person, but with the release of my book and all the promotions that I have had to do, including book signings, I have had to break out of my shell. Though, it is still a work in progress, I am getting better each day.

I write a wide range of novels, including romance, sci-fi, westerns, fantasy and children’s books. My favorite genre though is historical romance. I think I enjoy those the most because history has always been a passion of mine, and England has been my favorite place to research. I love to do research, and have done so extensively. I have also participated in many workshops on history and include those facts in my novels.

There are several time periods that I would love to visit and several groups of people that I would like to observe first hand. I do not think I could narrow it down to one place I would like to go if I had the chance, but I can narrow it down to several (and not necessarily in this order).

  • England, 14th-16th century. For this time period I would have to say the most interesting characters are the pirates. Daring and dashing, they fight, pillage and plunder. I could see myself on the rocking ships of Black Beard…or Captain Jack Sparrow, yeah, that would be better. I can only imagine what it would be like to run rampant across the open seas, to be free and wild. Yes, I know they were a bad lot, but I can’t help but feel the romance of the waters, the passion of the people, and the thrill of life.
  • England 16th-18th century. This time period is one of my favorite time periods to write about and the one that holds most of my books. London is the place to be and the place that draws me. It is full of glorious balls, magnificent parties, beautiful dresses, backstabbing wenches, conniving harlots, dangerous gaming hells, dueling gentlemen and major betting on everything. It is so full of life and energy that the stories never seem to be dull.  Women are a commodity that are bought and sold from parents and slave traders. It takes a strong woman to pull herself from what society thinks she should be. These were the first pioneers of the women’s lib movement and though it was a slow start, they were the beginning.
  • England 11th-13th century. Dangerous and dark times as knights parade around the country in loyal defense of king, country and God. Knights have to be my favorite characters. They are a complex group. Dangerous, deadly and barbaric and balanced out with the strong sense of loyalty and honor. The oaths of the knights were highly respected and held a special bond amongst the men.

My novel The Dark Lady, available now, is based in 12th century England and is based on knights and their complex lives.

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The Dark Lady blurb:


She should have grown up in a life of luxury and ease—instead, she was thrust into one of danger and deception…

Forced by her scheming mother to pretend that she was a boy, Vanessa Fordella becomes Van, the Dark Knight, in twelfth-century England. But when her now-dying mother demands that she leave behind her charade and marry, Van embarks on the most difficult journey of her life. And if her new husband ever finds out the truth…

After years of war, all he wants is peace and the simple life…

Peter Lawston, Lord Grayweist, hopes for a shy and controllable wife to run his castle and bear his children. What arrives, instead, is a hell cat, who doesn’t know the first thing about being docile or obedient. There’s something familiar about his unconventional wife, but Peter can’t put his finger on it.

As Van struggles to let go of the knight she has been and become the wife she is expected to be, events unfold that threaten to destroy everything she holds dear, including her very life.

The Dark Lady Excerpt:


Peter watched her walk away, head high and determined. He was about to go after her, despite her objections when she placed two fingers into her mouth. The deafening whistle that issued forth stopped him in his tracks.

He registered the answering scream of a horse from the stables and the crash of wood that could only have been the stall gate. Not looking back at the screams of the stable hands, he kept his eyes glued to the tall woman as she grasped the hole where he now knew her dagger was kept.

Vanessa grasped the material and pulled. Peter heard the long tear as the skirt fell open completely on the side, baring her leg from thigh to ankle. During it all, she never broke her stride.

Peter called out as her huge destrier thundered past him, screamed for her to watch out. Beast began to slow until Vanessa whistled again. He regained his speed, tearing straight for her. Peter’s breath caught in his throat as he knew he would not be able to save her.

She reached out a long arm, gripping the coarse waving mane as the animal thundered past, and smoothly swung herself onto his massive back.

Peter felt a jolt of fear as she wobbled slightly on the racing stallion, one creamy white leg glistening in the dim sunlight. Shadows played off the thick muscles as they rippled in her effort to stay on the unsaddled mount.

The men all stood with their mouths agape as their Lady rode toward the wall. For once Peter did not feel a twinge of jealousy. He fully understood their awe.

Vanessa leaned forward and ducked her head as if to avoid the wind. Her stallion rode straight for the wall. He did not slow or turn and then, to Peter’s horror, he was too close to change course.

“She would not.” Peter did not even realize he had spoken aloud until he felt a small hand on his. He looked down to see Amy’s smile.

“Milord, she would, but she will be all right.” She spoke with confidence.

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2 responses to “The Dark Lady by Dawn Chandler

  1. The Dark Lady sounds very intriguing. The premise has me hooked. I’ve added it to my summer reading list.

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