In Search of Forgiveness

In Search of Forgiveness

Some journeys to far-away places are for fun and relaxation, others are for work, but for Robert Lewis his journey to Berlin, Germany was for something more profound: closure. A World War II veteran, Robert was a U.S airman. Barely out of his teens, he became a pilot and when the war ended he had earned the title of Ace. That title came with more scars than honors.

Fifty-five years later, those scars have not healed. In fact, the wound left after one fateful day in particular haunts him nightly. He had given up on finding peace until his granddaughter forces him to confront his past.

Wings of Forgiveness is a short story about his journey back to Germany. I have never been to Germany myself, but I would like to go some day. It is a country with a rich history; and I live and breathe history. World War II is a dark chapter, but every country has people and events they wish they could forget.

A country cannot wipe its slate clean. But a man? While I believe we should learn from our mistakes, we have the ability to forgive and start fresh.

Robert comes face-to-face with his past at the Berlin Airlift monument at The Tempelhof Airport. I normally write stories set around the Civil War era. So you would think a monument of Abe Lincoln or Stonewall Jackson would have been more inspiring.  I looked at pictures of many of the monuments at Gettysburg (there are over 1,300) but none of them spoke to me.

My Grandpa was a pilot in World War II. When I was little I used to sit on the floor in the living room and play with it. I remember putting the big heavy helmet on my head and wondering what stories it could tell. My Grandpa never talked about his experiences in the war. He wasn’t haunted like Robert, but it wasn’t a topic for discussion.

Wings of Forgiveness is dedicated to him. I’d like to think he had a hand in me jumping ahead a century of what I normally write to tell this story.


About Haley

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Since the age of four, Haley Whitehall always wanted to be a writer. She went to Central Washington University and majored in her other favorite subject: history. She has social studies and library endorsements. Now she pairs her two passions into writing historical fiction set in the nineteenth century U.S. She writes what she fondly calls “out of the box” stories. Forgotten history and the complexities of human nature inspire her characters and plots. Mark Twain serves as her writing mentor. Haley loves coffee a little too much. Perhaps that is why she is a night owl. Cats, good books, and a view of the mountains make her happy.


hayley book coverWings of Forgiveness

A man haunted by memories of WWII travels to Germany to try to put them to rest but while there he finds more than peace, he finds forgiveness.

One nightmare.
One reunion.
One life-changing moment.

Wings of Forgiveness is a 3,000+ word short story. During the Book Blogger Fair it is free on Amazon.

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for having me. I love your short sweet and snappy blog. 🙂

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