The Keepers’ Chronicles

I’ve been working on The Keepers’ Chronicles for over five years now. From conception to publishing, to planning out the rest of the series and the short stories, it has been one hell of a journey. Part of that journey is being laid out in the Blogger Book Fair that kicked off today. As my characters are well travelled, and the theme of the fair is travel and far away places, it all fits in rather well!

And even now, I am still learning. New things every day, or so the saying goes. And to a certain extent that is true. It is nice to learn new things every day even if those new things are a relearning of something you already knew.
Anyway, I am getting off topic. What did I learn today? Well, today was a relearning sort of day. I should always remember that when making announcements I should make them all at once, especially where voting and awards are concerned! Because I went head over heels and shouted from the mountain tops that The Last Keeper is up for a readers choice award during the Blogger Book Fair. And in the midst of it, I forgot to check for my short story, A Glimpse Into Darkness.

And guess what? yep, that’s also up for an award!

So here are the details!

A Glimpse Into Darkness is up for Short Story Horror.

The Last Keeper AND Last Chance are up for Fantasy Mature 1

So if you would, please go vote! And don’t forget, A Glimpse Into Darkness is FREE from Smashwords all month!


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