Heart Search series by Carlie M A Cullen

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Today I have something a little different on the blog, a trailer reveal! This is from Carlie M A Cullen, and is the second book in her Heart Search series: Found.

Below is the official trailer for the second book! And under that you can find the buy links.

And whilst we’re at it, there’s an extract, too!

“Joshua? What is it?” Luka asked.

“We have company,” he replied, louder than he meant to, as he stared out the window. Others in the room heard his comment and all conversation ceased. Pavel strode over and laid his hand on Joshua’s shoulder.

“Who is it? How many?” he demanded, looking fiercer than Joshua had ever seen him.

Joshua stared at the two outside walls, which shimmered and disappeared before his eyes allowing him to see directly into the grounds, and counted up. “Six inside the wall, and another four out on the back road. I don’t recognise any of them,” he replied, as he studied their movements and scanned their faces.

“Immortals?” Pavel asked, his tone steely yet calm.

“Yes. I can tell by their speed.” Just then a pair of eyes appeared over the window sill, gazing into the room. Sophia spotted them first and without reacting in any other way, said,

“We are being watched . . . through the window.” Everyone moved slightly so they could look for themselves and the intruder was abruptly met with fifteen pairs of eyes staring back. He started in surprise and ducked down out of sight. People began to move in the room, some heading toward the door leading to the foyer while others walked toward the window to peer out.

Joshua spoke, needing to get their attention. “Please, everyone, wait. I am tracking their movements and whilst I can see through the walls, I can’t see through you. Please move away from the window and I will tell you what I see.”

“Do it!” Pavel commanded, and they complied immediately, moving to stand against the same interior wall the door was set into. Nobody moved as they waited for news or another order.

“There are two crouching beneath the window talking. Two are moving to the front, while the other two are heading around the back,” Joshua reported, his concentration absolute.

“Dragos, lock the main door. Samir check the back. Move!” Pavel’s tone demanded immediate action, and the two men shot out of the library like arrows from a crossbow. Within a couple of seconds, the sound of bolts being slid into place and a key turning echoed from the foyer then Dragos returned. Samir reappeared a few moments later.

“All secure,” Samir reported and Pavel nodded. Silence returned until Joshua spoke again.

“The two who went around the front have come back. They must have heard the door being locked. The two who were crouching under the window have split up. One is heading around the back and the other is walking over to the other two. They’re angry, but I see fear in their eyes also. Those three have taken off and are running over to the boundary wall.” Joshua paused, turning his head to stare at the other external wall. Silence reigned supreme and no one moved.

A soft rattle reverberated from the other end of the house. It sounded like the knob on the kitchen door. Then came a crash and the sound of wood splintering. Pavel whirled toward the door. “Samir, Luka, Emile, Dragos – come!” Pavel ordered as he sprinted out of the room. The others followed.

The silence was ripped by a cry of surprise then growls of rage interspersed by the sounds of fighting, wood fragmenting and porcelain smashing on the tiled floor. A high pitched scream echoed around the manor closely followed by a tearing sound. A collective gasp rolled through the library.

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For more information about Carlie, have a look at her website.


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