The Stars Are Falling

Last year I embarked on a mission. That mission had a name: The Stars Are Falling. My mission was simple: write a book, and get it finished for the deadline of October 1st. Easy, right? Not when I only found out about it on September 12th.


I began where every book starts, the plot. I sat down with my wonderful friend, Alice, and we talked for hours about where the plot was going, what would work, what wouldn’t. Then came research, in the form of Skype conversations whilst cooking dinner. Lastly came the writing. 80,000 words written in ten days.


To put that in perspective, that’s like writing the first Harry Potter book in just over a week, and then adding a bit on the end. It is a lot of words, and it takes a lot of time.

So what is The Stars Are Falling? Other than is being the obvious: a book!


It is a YA novel set in York, UK, following Jenny, a second year university student with an obsession for the night sky. But one night, the stars begin falling from the sky in blazing balls of light. Except hunks of rocks aren’t what rise up out of the craters. Things that look like humans come forth with one mission in mind: protect Mother Nature, and wipe out everything that’s killing her. Meaning us.


And why exactly am I telling you all this now?


Because I have news! Big news!


The thing I wrote The Stars Are Falling for didn’t pan out, so I started submitting it to publishers… know where this is going yet?


I just signed a contract. What started out as a mad dash to get a manuscript finished in an insane amount of time has turned into a signed contract for the publishing of The Stars Are Falling.




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