Armchair BEA Young Adult Lit

I’m skipping over today’s Keeping it Fresh as I haven’t really been going long enough to worry about that, and stepping straight into Young Adult lit.

It seems to be the genre at the moment, whether it is dystopia or romance, and it appeals to both adults, young adults, and children, too. So what are my favourite books, ones that everyone should own?

The first has to be the Chronicles of Narnia. The books are nice and short, detailed, and exciting. I’ve read these since I was small, and I adore the new movies, too. Voyage of the Dawn Treader has always been my favourite book, and movie, too. This is the series that first started my fascination with twists on reality; whole other worlds that could very well be hiding within ours.

Second up has to be the point horror collection. I’ve recently started rebuilding my collection of these, and even though there are well over 100 books in the set, I will have them all again. They’re horror, clearly, but not too dark for even the mildest of composures. I have also been reading these since I was young, hence my need to rekindle my collection of the books.

Third up is the Nightworld Series by L.J Smith. These were my first vampire books. My first taste of the paranormal, and I was hooked. I adore the entire series, even though it has never been finished. There is one book left in the series, and I am hoping that one day it will be released. Hopefully before I am too old to read without binoculars!

Fourth on my list of favourite children’s and young adult books has to be fairy tales. None in particular, but fairy tales in general. They are great for inspiration, fantastic for reading to kids, and some of the older, darker ones make great tales for around camp fires. All in all, fairy tales are the best.

And finally, on the list of young adult and children, Alice in Wonderland. Somewhere on my shelves I have a hardback copy of the story, and one of the things I remember from it is the way the words were laid out on the page. Not just left to right for the whole of the page, but twisting and turning. It caught my eye and had me hooked.

So there you have it, five stories or series designed for the younger audience but will make children of all ages smile. What are your favourite stories from when you were younger or even from when you were older?


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  1. Voyage of the Dawn Treader has one of the best opening lines ever.

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