Late to the party!

So once again I am late to the party. Between my holiday, my inability to schedule anything without double booking myself, and family emergencies, I have only just realised that today The Last Keeper is on sale… For today only.

Now, had I realised that this Friday was this Friday and not next, then I would have been on about the $2.99 24 hour sale of The Last Keeper all week, regardless of being in Northumberland. Which by the way looks like this:

Brunton House and Cottages

That was my cottage in that building up there on the left. I spent the whole week walking around the woods and up streams, as well as writing whilst staring out of the window at the birds. And not once did I realise that this week and this Friday were in the same week…

Which makes me every so slightly daft. More daft than usual.

Anyway, there was a reason for today’s sale, and not just the impending bank holiday weekend (or Memorial Day weekend in the US), and that is that Last Chance is out next week.

So without further ado, I give you: The Last Keeper, first book in The Keepers’ Chronicles, for just $2.99 for today only!

TheLastKeeper_CoverClick the picture above to be taken to the awesomeness that is the sale. Or the picture below to see more information about Last Chance.

Last Chance


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