The short of the story is that I’m away next week, so there won’t be much in the way of reviews, getting back in touch with people, or blog posts.

The long of the story is my wonderful mother paid for a week away in the wilds of Northumberland where there is little to no internet, miles upon miles of walks, a view so beautiful I want to bottle it up and bring it home, and a whole cottage to myself. It’s about time for a break, anyway, especially with the tour for Last Chance coming up, the launch party, virtual party, talks and signings, and so many other things that I keep losing track.

When I come back, however, there will be reviews and guest posts, contests and freebies, and more posts than you can shake you dog’s favourite stick at!

So have a good week, enjoy whatever weather the world throws at you, and I will be back in a week!


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