Surprise, Part Two!

Yesterday I blogged about the whim I had about publishing my newest short story: A Glimpse Into Darkness. I suddenly decided that rather than releasing it at the same time as Last Chance on May 30th, I would get it formatted and ready and release it early.

Apparently that was a good idea. Because this morning when I woke up, I set about doing my marketing bits and pieces, got some errands run, said good morning to the husband, and then logged onto Amazon.

Sitting there, staring at me, was something I never thought I would see. There are so many books published every day, and I am honestly happy that people are reading the ones I write. I live for the reviews and entertaining people, not the money or anything else. Besides which, I generally spend all my money on new books or days out, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

But this one was special. Because not only have people bough the short story (and a HUGE thank you to everyone who has), but it’s number 28. In short horror stories, and only in the UK. However, it is number 28. There’s a nice little thing that tells me what number it is, and for several long moments after seeing it all my words went on a brief but glorious holiday.

Here’s the link for Amazon UK (the short is only 77p there!), and whilst you all go look at that, I’m going to go dance around my living room some more and call everyone I know to tell them.


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