Twisted Imaginings, Vol 1 by Garry Charles

Short, Sweet, and Snappy Review:

Title:  Twisted Imaginings, Vol 1

Author: Garry Charles

Genre: Horror

What I liked: It certainly appealed to my twisted sense of the world

What I didn’t like: where it ended

Recommended Read: Yes

Rating: 5 stars


Another two blood soaked tales from the author The Horror Channel is calling “The UK’s Horror Supremo”… In ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ we are given a new reason to fear the Big Top and clowns haven’t been this scary since Pennywise… In ‘The Tunnel’ something is waiting in the dark and its hungry… very hungry.

Michelle’s Review:

When I mentioned above that this appealed to my twisted sense of everything, I meant it. A disturbed young man well and truly under his mother’s thumb. An event that changed everything. And though where it ended is my least favourite part of this short, it left me smiling.

Well written, fast enough moving but not too fast, and horror as I like it best. Partly in the mind, partly in reality and blurring the lines so you’re not quite sure which is which.

I’m not sure what else I can say about it other than go get it whilst it’s still free. Get it, read it, and then reread it. Well worth downloading. Click the title above to go to smashwords.


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