A Meeting at a Critical Juncture by Michael Doran

Short, Sweet, and Snappy Review:

Title:  A Meeting at a Critical Juncture

Author:  Michael Doran


What I liked: The ending and the message

What I didn’t like: the grammar and repetition.

Recommended Read: Maybe

Rating: 3 stars


A young boy waits anxiously in an empty room. The boy has been bullied extensively during his life, both at school and at home, and is unsure what to expect.  A familiar face walks in, introduces himself, and the conversation they have has a profound impact on each of their lives.

Michelle’s Review:

If there’s one thing more people need to do in life it’s learn to love themselves. Everyone has little bits about themselves and their lives that they hate, and a lot of people spend far too much time focusing on those negatives. So a story that encourages people to do just that is a good story to be reading.

But there were some issues. The grammatical problems were consistent throughout, but if you’re not sure where commas and apostrophes go anyway, then you can more than likely ignore those. For me, however, they did detract from what the story could have been.

Secondly was the repetition. Almost ever sentence starts with either the or this, it seems. Words, phrases and descriptions were used over and over again, making the story feel clunky and awkward. In my opinion, it could do with a lot of those sentences rewording to take away that feeling.

Having said that, the message in the story is one that I think a lot of people need to learn, and for that alone I am giving it three stars.

As to whether it is a recommended read or not, go have a look at the free view on Amazon and see if you feel the same regarding the grammar and repetition. Click here to go to Amazon.


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