The Old Vampire, by Emma Meade, @emmameade83

Short, Sweet, and Snappy Review:


Title:  The Old Vampire

Author:  Emma Meade

Genre:  Paranormal

What I liked:  the realism

What I didn’t like: parts of the start

Recommended Read:  yes

Rating:  5 stars



Hailey spent her life dreaming of a dark prince falling in love with her. He never showed up, until now.

A short tale set on the spookiest day of the year, Halloween.

Be careful what you wish for!


Michelle’s Review:


I’m going to start with the bits I didn’t like on this one, because it is so small and trivial that I want to get it out of the way. Really it was just the inconsistency in the number formatting. It didn’t detract from the story at all, and didn’t affect the rating, but it was something I wanted to mention.


And now onto the rest of the story. The realism in this struck me as fantastic. A life filled with fantasy, dreams and desires. And the absolute true to nature fact that fantasy and reality rarely meet up with each other. Most of the stories I have read where someone is obsessed with the live of the undead and they get it, they get everything they ever hoped for. So it is a refreshing change to see the opposite of this.


Another point I liked was the ending. It was mean and evil to leave the character like the author did, but if there is one thing I love it is being mean and evil to characters. Everything can’t always go the way the character wants. People have to die. Things have to go wrong. Plans have to fall through. Torment has to happen in order to balance everything out. And this story did that perfectly.


From the young life of the character, being obsessed and infatuated, to the gaining of her dreams and the realisation that it might not have been such a good idea after all. Sometimes it really is better to have the fantasy life as just a fantasy, because bringing certain things into reality is destined to end badly. This story nailed that on the head, and for that, I love it.


So for this one, go download it, now. It’s a short read, but it will certainly leave you thinking.

Click the book cover to go to Amazon.


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