Killer Bedtime Stories by Drac Von Stroller

Short, Sweet, and Snappy Review:

Title:  Killer Bedtime Stories

Author:  Drac Von Stroller

Genre: Horror

What I liked: Not sure there was anything.

What I didn’t like: The lack of grammar and the dialogue.

Recommended Read: No

Rating: 1 Star


Billy and Susan loved to hear their father read stories to them every night at bedtime. Susan told her brother Billy that the stories were for little kids. Susan said, “Billy I love dad, but I wish he would read scary stories to us instead of stories like Peter Pan and Alice and Wonderland. Billy and Susan would get their wish when they went snooping around their Grandmas attic.

Michelle’s Review:

As I sit down to write this review, I am struggling to think of something positive to say about this short story. It isn’t often that I write any review without commenting on something that I liked about it, but in the six pages of this story, I can’t think of much. Had it been any longer, I would have had to put this on my did not finish list.

Between the dialogue that no child outside a royal family would ever use, and the constant grammatical errors … this was not a story for me. But I do feel the need to explain exactly why I disliked this so much.

I’ll begin with the dialogue. Susan spoke as though she was in her teens, with phrasing and wording that didn’t fit with someone who was supposedly a little girl. Also, referring to their dad as ‘our father’ read as completely out of place. Of all the children I know (and I have a high number of cousins, friends with children, and neighbours with children), not a single one of them ever refers to their parents as mother or father. Those terms are something that might be used in a historical novel, but here they seemed very out of place.

Secondly, the grammatical errors. I don’t believe there are many people in the world who are experts on grammar. I know I am not, but I do know my basics. Unfortunately for this story, the basics were lacking. The rules used seemed to change every few sentences, and this more than anything showed a lack of understanding of the technicalities of writing.

All in all, this isn’t a short I would recommend. But if you want to have a go, click the book cover to go download it.


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