Companion by Javan Tenebrae

Short, Sweet, and Snappy Review:


Title:  Companion

Author:  Javan Tenebrae

Genre: Erotica

What I liked: The story

What I didn’t like: the lack of proofreading.

Recommended Read: Maybe

Rating:  3 Stars



After three divorces a wealthy man chooses a stripper to be his personal secretary with fringe benefits a part of the contract. Will it work?

Michelle’s Review:


This is one of those stories that was enjoyable to read, but could have been executed better. The overall story had me intrigued. I loved seeing the growth of the characters, and the change in their relationship. The author managed this well in the short piece, and it made for more realistic characters that were worth reading. It also made them easier to relate to.


However, there was one recurrent factor that really detracted from the book. This was the need for a good proofread. Misspelled words, places where additional words were present and missing words weren’t. When accompanied with the occasional whole paragraph that just didn’t make sense, the story started to look more and more unfinished.


Whether I would recommend this read or not depends on whether you’re okay reading a book without spotting these errors. For me it was enjoyable, and would have been rated significantly higher had it not been for the errors.

Click the book cover to download the book for free.


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