Romance Month!

In the long, dark month that is January, why not join me here at Short, Sweet, and Snappy for Romance Month?

It’s a month celebrating all things romance. From the strong lead males, to the Happily Ever Afters, as well as reviews of some of my favourite romance novels.

Romance is a new thing for me, and up until a month ago, I owned one straight romance novel. It’s a book called Guilty Pleasures by Laura Lee Guhrke, that I picked up many years ago when I was traveling somewhere. I opened it, read it, finished it, read it again, and loved it. But in all the years that passed, I never thought to pick up another one.

My staples when it comes to book are horror and anything that twists reality. I love reading about things that could be real in this world, and romance rarely factors in to that. But something about Guilty Pleasures drew me in and had me turning the pages over and over again.

So why didn’t I go out and read every romance I could? In my mind romance was about weak women who fell in love with strong me and let them take care of them. To me, the world isn’t and shouldn’t be like that. And even now, I can’t read or write weak and whiney women. They annoy me. Everyone, men and women alike, should be able to stand their ground and take care of themselves.

Yet, over the years a story has been sitting in the back of my mind, and no matter what I did with it, it came back to one genre; romance. It stood to reason that I should get better acquainted with the world of romance, and I’ve spent the last month and a half doing just that. Starting with Laura Lee Guhrke’s books, and working my way out to other romance novels and short stories.

So in the long month of January after the bright lights of Christmas, why not settle in with a romance and ward off the cold? Or better yet, find someone to curl up with and stick your head in a book.

Check back over the month for both short story and novel reviews, as well as guest posts and romance!



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2 responses to “Romance Month!

  1. One of the things I like about romance is its variety. There’s a flavor of it for everyone!

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