A Stormy Night by Brian Barber

Short, Sweet, and Snappy Review:


Title:  A Stormy Night

Author:  Brian Barber

Genre: Thriller

What I liked: the length

What I didn’t like: the lack of details

Recommended Read: No

Rating:  3 stars

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A Stormy Night is a new short story by Brian Barber, author of the LYCCYX series. Set on a cold, snowy night in a remote cabin, A Stormy Night finds the main character isolated and alone… or so he thinks. If you enjoy the story, please post a review and tell a friend.


Michelle’s Review:


For what it was, the length of this piece was ideal. Had it been any longer, I don’t think it would have worked. Partly because there wasn’t much to the story in order to make it any longer.


The ending of it worked well, but overall I didn’t feel like I was reading a thriller story. There wasn’t a great deal in the story that made me feel anything much more than curious as to where it was going. And the one part that could have been interesting was skimmed over. Talk of a ‘Group’ intrigued me but was left dangling with no real explanation or further detail.


If you’re after something short and easy to read, however, then I would go read it. If you’re after something with a bit more substance, then I wouldn’t bother. Having recently found out that the book is no longer free, I would say not to waste your money on this one. As a free story it might have been worth the read, but there are better stories out there for free. Either way, click the book cover if you do want to buy it.


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