Creeper by Bran Glitz

Short, Sweet, and Snappy Review:

Title:  Creeper

Author: Bran Glitz

Genre: Horror

What I liked: the twist

What I didn’t like:  The unevenness in the writing

Recommended Read: Maybe

Rating: 3 stars

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In this chilling horror tale with a twist, Carter Lowe is a young businessman in his prime, whose life and sanity is challenged when a masked stranger with a bloody knife appears everywhere he goes.

Michelle’s Review:

I’m glad this was a short story, as the only thing I enjoyed about it was the twist at the end. The way the twist was done was fantastic, it really made the story. However, having said that, the unevenness of the writing really let it down.

Some of the sentences just didn’t make sense, and the constant capitalisation of ‘he’ made me think I was reading some kind of religious text. There was also an issue that it read more like a report of an event rather than an actual story.

Having said that, for a quick read, and for free, you could do worse. So click the book cover and go to smashwords if you fancy a read.


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