Dead Girls Don’t Dance by Troy Dennison

Short, Sweet, and Snappy Review:

Title:  Dead Girls Don’t Dance

Author:  Troy Dennison

Genre: Horror

What I liked: most of it!

What I didn’t like: the repetition and predictability

Recommended Read: yes

Rating:  4 Stars

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When you’re treading the fine line between attraction and single-minded obsession, a few brutal deaths shouldn’t stand in the way of true love…

Michelle’s Review:

I’m a fan of horror, and this one was almost perfect for me. I loved the concept, the way it was portrayed. There was just the right amount of crazy in the main character to make it not only believable but also make it so that the person wasn’t completely off the deep end.

So why was it not a straight five star review? Two things. There was an issue with words and phrases being repeated multiple times, and there was a predicable element to it. For me it was obvious what had happened, and that took some of the surprise away, but at the same time added to the gore factor.

Overall, worth downloading and giving a read. So click the book cover and go read it!


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