Hysteria by Eva Gale

Short, Sweet, and Snappy Review:


Title:  Hysteria

Author: Eva Gale

Genre: Erotica

What I liked: the concept and the lust factor.

What I didn’t like: the ending

Recommended Read: Yes!

Rating: 5 stars

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England, 1860, and by her mother’s orders Constance is in treatment for Hysteria. She never complains. Until a new doctor takes over and threatens the only pleasure she knows in life. 18 and over please.


Michelle’s Review:


This is the second of Eva Gale’s short stories I’ve read, and I loved it. I’m not one for history, but the occasional historical novel I do enjoy. This is one of those. It isn’t the hot and steamy erotica that 101 Degrees Fahrenheit was, and was more along the lines of The Seduction of Gabriel Stewart, in its slow build and fantastic finale.


The only complaint I had, in fact, was that, as with the other stories by Eva Gale, the ending seemed somewhat rushed.


Overall though, five stars, and absolutely a recommended read! So if you want something steamy, click the book cover and go read!


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  1. Steamy… this is accurate because the treatment for Hysteria during this time was the doctors make the hysterical woman have an orgasm to calm her down. This is around the same time the vibrator was invented LOL.

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