NaNoWriMo Almost There!

So it’s the final week of NaNo. You’ve got one day left. One lonely day. Twenty-four hours. This is it! The finish line is in sight!

But wait a second, what’s this? You’ve still got 5,000 words to go! No! How did that happen? Was it somewhere between IHMAWTD and the procrastination centre of Off Topic? Yes?

Don’t worry.

You’ve got twenty-four hours to go. It can be done. People have come back from worse and managed to finish. And you don’t really need to sleep. December first is for sleeping!

So with almost three times the daily amount to write in one day, what can you do to catch back up and get past that finish line?

Enter the humble Word Challenge, or Sprint.

@NaNowordsprints is a twitter you need to be following. They run sprints every few minutes. Ten minutes, twenty minutes. Little sprints that add up throughout the day to a catch up heaven. These little sprints are a great way to switch off and put extra pressure on yourself to get the work done. Ten minutes to write as much as possible. See what you can do. Push yourself. Stop checking that word count every second and see how much you can get done in ten minutes with a sprint.

Managed 100 words? That’s 600 in an hour! That’s less than ten hours to get to the finish line! Managed more? Even better!

Word Challenges are longer. Generally half an hour or an hour long, they are good for the marathon writer. If it takes you ten minutes to get on a roll, then a sprint might not work for you. But if you can keep that roll going for an extra twenty minutes, then a word challenge may be perfect.

Check out the NaNo boards; there’s a whole section dedicated to sprints and challenges. And on the last day, it’s one of the busiest boards there is.

But please remember one thing if you’re sprinting to the end. Don’t forget to validate!


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