A Killer Is Looking For You by Travis Ford

Short, Sweet, and Snappy Review:

Title: A Killer Is Looking For You

Author: Travis Ford

Genre: Horror

What I liked: the plot idea

What I didn’t like: everything else

Recommended Read: no

Rating: 1 star


This is a neat little story about killers. Stalkers and killers are everywhere in the world. A killer could be anyone, anybody. Your neighbor could be a killer. Killers are deranged and psychotic in the head. Perhaps what scientists say is true- the extra Y chromosome perhaps is an indication of a killer. Do you know of anyone that has the extra Y chromosome?

Michelle’s Review:

I wanted to like this one, but the problems started in the first couple of lines. The plot could have been fantastic, but the writing really let it down. Not only were there some serious issues with repetition, but exactly who was doing what was confusing all the way through, and the change in who the character was could have been handled a lot better and made a lot clearer.

It would have been an enjoyable plot, but with the way it’s written it wasn’t very enjoyable at all.

Click the book cover if you would like to read this one.


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