NaNoWriMo Week 2

Half way there!

Give yourself a pat on the back. Half way through the words. Half way through the month. Half way through ignoring your friends, family, dog, cat, and fish, and living on coffee.

So you’ve come this far, written more than you ever thought you would, not quite lost your marbles or fingers, but are struggling with the thought of two more weeks to go.

First things first: stop looking at the clock.

Unless you’re doing a timed challenge, there’s no need to stare at the clock every hour on the hour. All that’s doing is reminding you that you’re not out of day 15 yet and there are another 15 to go. So behave and quit it.

Secondly: take a break.

Now you might be staring at the computer wondering what the hell I’m on about, but I am absolutely serious. Walk away from the novel and take a break. Go play in the procrastination minefield of the ‘Off Topic’ boards. Take a walk, outside, in that place that used to exist before NaNo started and will once again after it ends. Say hello to your family and friends. Then once you’re done, come back to it with fresh eyes and a renewed sense of vigour.

Thirdly: Write or Die

I’m not a fan of write or die, but I’m not a fan of online writing applications in general. However, Write or Die is awesome. Set your time, set your goal, start writing. Stop writing, and it either plays the most obnoxious sounds you can think of, or starts deleting your words.

What better motivation to keep writing is there than the loss of words?

So two weeks into NaNo, two weeks to go. Good luck! And check back next week for IHMAWTD.


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