Shadowcat by Silja Hare

Short, Sweet, and Snappy Review:


Title: Shadowcat

Author: Silja Hare

Genre: Horror

What I liked: the concept

What I didn’t like: how it was portrayed

Recommended Read: no

Rating: 1 star


Cats live in the Dayworld – we see them all around us but we don’t see all they are.   We don’t see the Shadowcats prowling the walls at night to protect the most innocent from the worst evil. *note*:  nowhere have i implied this is a kid’s story.  if you’re going to get offended by the dark direction it takes, do not read it.

Michelle’s review:


I’ll start by saying I’m glad this was a free download from Smashwords. I double checked the description and nowhere in it did it mention what this book was about, not truly. It is labelled as horror, but what it turned out to be was thinly veiled threats of child abuse in the most disgusting form.


However, if you can get past that, or are comfortable reading such things, then there were a couple of other issues with this short story for me. First being the opening. The concept behind it is fantastic, and I’d really like to see more work like this, minus the abuse, but I felt like it needed to be explained a bit more. The concept itself came out as very vague and not very well described.


The story also jumped from one time to another, growing with the child in the story, but with very little other than the change in bed, to denote when these changes occurred. I also had an issue with naming in the story. It was done in parts in a very confusing way that left me having to reread parts in order to understand who the author was talking about.


This is a 1 star for me. The concept was good, but the content needs to have been stated in the description. Had it been, I would never have read it. Click the picture above if you want to read it.


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