NaNoWriMo Week One

So you’re a week into the madness of NaNo and you’re going strong. Well done! All your targets are met, your stats graph is going up at a steady pace, and you’re actually ahead.


But there’s a problem, all the plot points you wrote are all gone. So what do you do?


With no more plot points and three weeks to go, all might start seeming somewhat lost. But don’t worry! If you haven’t already checked out the NaNo boards then you may want to have a look. Not only are there games to pass the time and the IHMAWTD boards (more on that later), but there’s also plot adoption and dares.


Heard of the travelling shovel of death? It’s a dare. Work it into your novel. Not only will it increase your word count, but it forces your mind to think about how you can work it in, what use it has in your fictional world, and who it’s going to kill.


There are many other dares, too. Some might be too outlandish if you’re writing a romance, but if you’re writing a fantasy or comedy, then they might be right up your street. Others could be too dull and boring for a daring, satirical novel, but perfect for that crime drama you’re writing or that historical novel.

Either way, one week in, a dare might be just what you need to keep you on that winning streak.


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