Can Love Overcome Betrayal? A guest post by Merry Farmer

Can Love Overcome Betrayal?

Think back to your first real love.  It was so exciting to fall that hard and that deep for the first time.  Remember how amazing a simple kiss could feel?  Or how a summer day could feel like paradise?  Remember that glorious feeling that you would be in love that deeply and that purely forever?

What happened to that first love?  Maybe you were lucky enough to marry that person and live happily ever after.  Or maybe Fate got its ugly hands on that first flush of love and broke your heart.  Maybe that beloved one turned out to have feet of clay.  Maybe that first love turned into the worst betrayal you’ve ever experienced.  How do you recover from disappointment like that and move on?

That’s exactly the situation my heroine, Joanna, finds herself in at the beginning of The Courageous Heart.  She’s lost so much.  Worse than that, she lost it at the hands of the man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with.  Fate has not been kind to her.

I know how Joanna feels in a lot of ways.  I’ve had more than my fair share of heartache and death in my lifetime.  In fact, in a bitter twist of irony that could come right out of a novel itself, as I was writing The Courageous Heart my older brother, Kelly, died suddenly and traumatically of cancer that had been undiagnosed until the very end.  If you’ve read the previous book in this series, The Faithful Heart, you’ll know just how significant that was to me.

So there I was, suffering a sudden, heartbreaking loss, when my heroine Joanna found herself in a similar situation.  What do you do when you find yourself suddenly alone and haunted by the pain of loss?  What do you do if the man who caused that pain is the one man you could never control or forget?  What if you had to rely on him to help you and your friends out of an impossible situation?

I think we’ve all been in those situations where we feel like the person we loved the most let us down.  It sucks!  But what if they reached the point where they knew and regretted their mistakes?  What if they tried to right their wrongs?  Would you believe them?  Would you trust them?  Or would you turn your back on them and try to tackle your problems on your own?

The Courageous Heart deals with these questions amidst the backdrop of the bloody court politics of King Richard the Lionheart’s brief time in England after the Third Crusade.  It’s a story of love, betrayal and redemption that marks the conclusion of the Noble Hearts trilogy.

Haven’t read the first two books in the series, The Loyal Heart and The Faithful Heart?  Well what are you waiting for!

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Merry’s Author Bio

Merry Farmer is an award-winning novelist who lives in suburban Philadelphia with her two cats, Butterfly and Torpedo. She has been writing since she was ten years old and realized one day that she didn’t have to wait for the teacher to assign a creative writing project to write something. It was the best day of her life. She then went on to earn not one but two degrees in History so that she would always having something to write about. Today she is a giant History nerd and a hopeless romantic waiting for her own love story to start. Her first book, The Loyal Heart, is a swashbuckling Medieval Historical Romance involving a love triangle that will keep you guessing.  Both The Loyal Heart and its sequels, The Faithful Heart and The Courageous Heart, are available wherever eBooks are sold.  She has also begun a new Western Historical Romance series set in Montana in 1895.  The first of that series, Our Little Secrets, is now available.  The second, Fool for Love, will be released in early 2013.  Merry is also passionate about blogging, knitting, and cricket and is working towards becoming an internationally certified cricket scorer.


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