Zombies! by Lelanthran Krishna Manickum

Short, Sweet, and Snappy review:

Title: Zombies!

Author: Lelanthran Krishna Manickum

Genre: Horror

What I liked: There were some funny bits.

What I didn’t like: Most of it.

Recommended Read: No

Rating: 1 star


Zombies are people too …
Meet George. With his neighbours out for his blood, his coworkers after his hide and his ex-wife going in for the kill, George has had a really bad start to his day. It gets worse when the Zombie apocalypse happens, and people whom he has never even met actually do want to find out what his spleen tastes like (chicken, most likely, everything does, eventually, and with enough mayo). Now that everyone he knows has turned into flesh-eating monsters (well …. except for his ex-wife; she was always a tad blood-thirsty anyway), what’s a man to do but grab the first-aid box, the lunchbox and the ammo box and head for the hills.
Zombies were people too …
What kind of Zombie outbreak would take it’s chances in the leafy suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa, undisputed crime-capital of the world? What kind of Zombie outbreak would happen in Johannesburg, a place where even the pitbulls go around in pairs? A place where you can hide a brainless body for years simply by electing it? What kind of outbreak indeed? … This one, that’s what! Zombies have never had it this bad before … There’s gunfire, explosions, hostage-taking, dismemberment, immolation and disembowelment … and that’s only the pest control companies fighting the annual rat infestation.
Zombies ate people too …
These Zombies are tough. These Zombies are mean. These Zombies are frighteningly smart too; smart enough to outwit the cops (although, to be fair to the Zombies, even algae sometimes outwitted the boys in blue) and smart enough to hire their own lawyer, who also turned out to be extremely tough herself … tough, and a little stringy too.
Zombies hate people too …

Michelle’s Review:

The only thing I liked about the story was that there were a couple of funny bits.

There were a number of issues that made me give it a 1 star and nothing more. There is a complete lack of grammar in some parts, and inconsistent grammatical issues throughout the story. The dialogue was awkward and unrealistic. The wording in some cases was wrong with words used that didn’t fit the writing style or circumstances. The character information was in need of looking at; I have never known any HR personnel who are finished with their work within 5 minutes of starting work, or who earn more than lawyers do. Anything issue arose in the inconsistency of styles. One moment thoughts were highlighted by being in italics, others they were in speech marks, and others again were in single speech marks. And lastly the constant use of capitals to denote shouting seemed over the top and unneeded.

Overall it was hard to read because of all the errors, and seems badly in need of a good proofread and editor, and the ending was fairly predictable.

If you would like to try the book, you can download the free sample or buy the book from Amazon


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