Church Fate by Rachael H Dixon

Short, Sweet, and Snappy review:

Title: Church Fate

Author: Racheal H Dixon

Genre: Horror

What I liked: I enjoyed the plot and found it different and entertaining.

What I didn’t like: Wasn’t so much a fan of the ending.

Recommended read: Yes!

Rating: 4 stars

Church FateMichelle’s review:

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this short story. When I started reading it, however, I found it intriguing. The idea behind it was really fun, and I could certainly see it as a longer book. There was only one issue with it really, and that’s the way the ending played out. It just seemed a bit sudden. Having said that, I think that’s something that would be sorted out very easily with a longer piece with a few more details in it.

4 stars for this one. It was an enjoyable read, one that I would read again.

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