The Saviour and the Saved, guest post by Jesse V Coffey

The Savior and the Saved


Once upon a time, there was a man named Toby Riordan. Toby was a tall, incredibly handsome, very intelligent man. He taught school, he met and dated many ladies, and he rather drifted through life. He was very charismatic and yes, he did have ambitions, but truthfully, nothing really inspired him. And that alone would have been enough to notice him, but pass him by. But I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to get to know him, really know him.

So, I took Toby and put him through the ringer, just to see what he would do. I killed off those closest to him and sent him into an alcoholic spiral of self-destruction. And then, I sent him off on a mission – to show the mockery of religion and prove that it was all a joke or hyperbole gone wrong. So I sent him back to the first century to meet a young boy who would later change the world. I sent Toby back in time to meet Yeshua ben David, a thirteen year old boy who was just becoming a man, who was looking to find his way in his Father’s world.

The Savior isn’t just the boy who will one day become the man that we call Jesus Christ. Yeshua does save Toby from himself in the course of the story, but Toby does some saving too. An angry mob threatens bodily harm to Yeshua because of the incident in the temple when the thirteen year old deigns to educate the temple elders; Toby helps the young boy escape into the desert. The two of them save a runaway slave who is escaping from a Roman legion planning on crucifying the Irishman.

The Savior turned out to be saving me too. I lost a beloved aunt to cancer, several fur babies to old age, and some good friends to AIDS. Like Toby, I went into a deep depression. And like Toby, I lost myself along the way, isolating myself from life in general. If I could have gone back in time, I would have done the same thing Toby did – go back to face the one person that I held responsible.

And like Toby, something grabbed my attention in a big way. Call it God, Goddess, Great Maker; a name doesn’t matter. Only that the journey was made. I made that journey, finding myself again and finding out who I really was. Finding out what I really believed. And everything I learned, I poured into that book. Of all of the books I’ve written, The Savior is the most personal because I poured so much of myself in it.

Ten years after the original release, The Savior is about to be re-released in December of 2012. It’s gotten a bit of a facelift, some polish on the diamond. But the message is still just as relevant to my life as it was then. And I think it’s time to share that journey…with Toby. And see if we can save each other again.

Jesse V Coffey is the author of An Opportunity for Resentment (The Brothers Cameron Series), Illusions & Reality, and A Wager of Blood (written as J. W. Coffey). She is a literary reviewer for the news site,, and the hostess of online radio show Edin Road Radio. She can be found at her website (, as well as on Facebook ( and Twitter (@jessevcoffey).


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