The Secrets of Dreams, by Lisa Fox

Short, Sweet, and Snappy review:

Title: The Secrets of Dreams

Author: Lisa Fox

Genre: Erotica

What I liked: Everything! The setting, the story, the sex.

What I didn’t like: There isn’t enough.

Recommended read: Yes!

Rating: 5 stars


Samhain is a night of great power and it is the only night that the twin demigods of dreams, Calen and Rist, can be summoned by a mortal sorceress. Stephanie is skeptical, but the idea of calling the brothers inspires all kinds of wicked thoughts in her mind. She succumbs to the temptation and pours her deepest longings into the the chant, but can the twins fulfill her heart’s secret dreams?

Michelle’s Review:

This short sotry was a bit of a surprise for me. I’m friends with the author on twitter and RTd one of her promotional tweets one day. Next thing I know, I’m getting a message saying I was getting a copy of the book as a thanks for helping in the promotion. Nothing quite like free books! Especially when you’re not expecting them!

But the best surprise of all was when I read the work. I loved everything about it. How the author working magic and pagan rites into the book. How the sex wasn’t too graphic but was exactly as graphic as it needed to be.

For me, this had everything erotica needs to have. Plot, but not one that’s overwhelming. Smut, but not so much that there’s no plot. Hunky men. Good writing that brought the characters and story alive.

I honestly don’t have a bad word to say about this, other than it was too short. I wanted to know what happened after the story ended, and I still do. Since reading it, I’ve bought a copy for my friend, and I’ve reread it several times.

If you’re after a nice, short smutty read, then this is your thing.

5 stars, without a doubt. Unless I can give it more, in which case, all the stars!

Click the picture above to go to Smashwords and get your copy!


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