Guest post from Cerise DeLand

Like Mae West? She of “Come up and see me sometime,” and “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

I have my own for you! My own Mae and her West who is the local sheriff…and yes, I live in Texas, so this story is the real McCoy in setting, dialogue and the crime that adds the suspense!

IS THAT A GUN IN YOUR POCKET? Ins my Contemporary western, erotica with touch of romantic suspense. Enjoy Mae and West’s first kiss.


A Sheriff, A Hot Gal and his gun.

What’s a girl to do when she has the hots for the local sheriff—and he’s playing it cool? Mae Montaine knows the man has a gun in his pocket and he’s always happy to see her.
 So why won’t he come over and see her sometime…for a date? A hug? A kiss? More?
 West Farraday yearns for the All-American knock-out who lives next door, but Mae’s got problems and secrets. He’d love to help her out…of her problems. And her clothes. Then into his bed.
When timing seems right, West makes his move. He’s happier than a colt in clover.
Mae’s skeptical they can make it as a couple. After all, town gossip says the good sheriff is hard on the ladies.
But when three bad coyotes invade Mae’s life, West tries to prove to her that a man who’s hard in the sack can be easy to love.


Intro to first kiss:

Here, Mae is telling her handsome neighbor, West about why she took on the job of raising her orphaned niece Emma and moving to Texas after the death of her sister and brother-in-law.

Excerpt: Copyright 2012, Cerise DeLand, All rights reserved.

Mae grabbed a breath to steady her thoughts and her hope that finally she might have breached West’s shell of formality. “I do. And I want to stay. Give Emma the life that Kyle and Lou wanted for her.”

“You know how extraordinary that is?” he asked.

“What? To give a child the normal life she deserves?”

“That, yes. But to give it to her like her parents designed it? When you had a life of your own? When you could have taken her back to Newark and raised her there?”

She gave a laugh of derision. I owe it to her. I failed her mother when she needed me. I won’t fail Emma. “You haven’t been to Newark lately, have you?”

“I’ve flown in and out on my way to Manhattan to take in Broadway shows.”

“Wow.” His revelation shocked her from her morbid view of her own shortcomings. Now Mae viewed him through a new kaleidoscope of possibilities. He was more than the local sheriff, the town hunk, the ex-Marine who made all the ladies swoon. He lived in a bigger world than Winton, Texas. Bigger even than the desert sands of the Middle East and the skyscrapers of New York. “The things you don’t know about people.”

“Tell me.”

His sculpted lips were parted, eager to know more. His eyes were soft with concern, persuading her that he really did want to hear her rationale for coming here and staying here.

“Tell me,” he urged her on a murmur.

“I did have a life, if you want to call it that. I lived alone. Had a nice condo in a modern high rise. I had a solid job with a national accounting firm on Wall Street and a few promotions that were lucrative, if not fun. I had friends, a few whom I really loved and still do. I went to Broadway shows.” She gave him a nod and he responded with his own, acknowledging their mutual interest. “I did yoga, ran a few 5K races, went to Vegas with the girls now and then for the booze and the slots and the sights.”

“No dates?”

“A few.”

“No men who stayed?”

Mae noticed he drew nearer. “Not for long.”

“Why?” He was almost whispering as he braced his hands on the counter on either side of her, boxing her in, driving the air from her lungs.

“I told them to leave.”


“They liked my looks. Didn’t bother to learn what was in my brain.”

“They bored you?” he asked with a lopsided smile and raised brows.

“I want to be valued for more than my measurements.”

“Then I’ll invite you to fly to New York with me. Pick a weekend.” He drifted closer, his handsome, chiseled mouth such a warm temptation. “A show.”

A room with you? Could I be so lucky? “What’s playing?”

“Whatever you choose.” Another fraction of an inch and his lips would be on hers.

She swallowed, her fingers itching to wrap around his biceps and draw him against her. “That’s an offer I hate to refuse.”

“Then don’t.” He brushed his lips on hers, his eyes falling closed in the dreamiest way.

Could he want her that much? For more than one night? His big hands cupped her shoulders and pulled her to him. Heavenly warmth infused her. “We’ll have to take Emma.”

“We can hire a sitter from the hotel for the play.”

“They’re good? The sitters?” she asked, her own eyes fluttering in the assault of his little kisses, light as the touch of butterflies’ wings to her parted lips.

“The sheriff down in DeWitt County told me that he and his wife hired one not too long ago. He told me they’re vetted. Bonded.” His smile was pure male seduction. “Come with me, Mae.”

The velvet intonation of his deep bass voice was an invitation to more than a weekend in New York, and she knew it.

She grinned broadly, humbled but also tickled by this compliment. In the process, her torso brushed his. “I could say you’re being very forward.”

He ran his big, warm hands up her arms to her shoulders and her throat to cup her face. His generous mouth teased her with a lush kiss and she sighed into him. “You could tell me to stop.”

“I won’t.” She ran her hands up his chest. “You could tell me to stop.”

“Can’t,” he gruffed. “I want this too much.”

“You’ve never let me see that you were interested in me until now.”

“I wanted to be careful with you. Not show you too much and have you run away.” He hugged her as if he were a big warm bear.

She pressed against him, his rock wall body, his raging heat, and then she wound her arms around those incomparable broad shoulders and sank her fingers into his rich, silken hair. Against her mound, she felt his steely cock. “You’ve shown me enough for me to see that this,” she cooed as she undulated against his very impressive package, “is no gun in your pocket.”

Snorting, he chuckled at the ceiling as if he asked heaven above for mercy, then he crushed her against him, chest to breasts, belly to belly and cock to pussy. “Every inch of me is happy to be here.”

Her channel gushed. Her breasts tingled. “So don’t you think you’d better really kiss me?”

He clasped one hand over her ass to halt her moves. “Once I start, I may not stop.”

“Oh, Sheriff. Can this East Coast gal give you a cowgirl’s ‘hell, yeah’?”

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